Monthly archives:January 2015

New Tempest Set and Nell Teddy Restock

It has been a busy few weeks here at Betty Blue's HQ with the highly anticipated release of our S/S 2015 items, and we're excited to share the newest addition to with you! The best selling Tempest Set returns very soon for its third season, this time in a beautiful bright 'Tiffany Blue' colour perfect for the summer months. Inspi[...]

Stockist Spotlight - Burlesque Chic, Australia

Exciting news!  We have a brand new Australian stockist!  So we thought we would introduce you to them now that they have officially launched their brand new website.  Meet Chani and Gemma, sisters and owners at Burlesque Chic.  We sat down to interview them to try and get a better picture of who they are and what they are trying to achieve. 1.   What is [...]

Happy New Year! Chic Ski Season

Good afternoon and a Happy New Year  I hope you all had a good New Years Eve, partying away in style and glamour.  It is of course the time of year for reflections and making new resolutions............but I am sure you are all fed up of being preached to so instead we are focusing on another exciting part of the year, ski season! We are in the midst of the[...]

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