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Eltham Palace

Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog location on my sparkly new website!  My new website, as you can probably tell, is the location for my blog now and will bring you all my latest news and updates.  I must also apologise for not blogging this month at all!  I have been very busy working on my world domination plans so haven't had a moment to sit down [...]

Summer Lovin'

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this month, but I have been a busy little bee.  I have been putting off and putting off sorting out production of the Black Nell Robe which sold out pretty quickly the last time that I put it into production.  So at the beginning of this month I made a concerted effort and sat down to sort out the pattern, fabrics and product[...]

London Bound

Quick post today with some exciting news!  I am busy packing up all my lovely loungerie as I will be starting a two week stint at a London PopUp Shop. The address is: Eland House, Bressenden Pl, Westminster, London, Knightsbridge, London, Greater London SW1E 5DU, UKAnd the nearest tube station is Victoria. I will be bringing all the stock that I have, so com[...]