I have been waiting nearly a year now to post about my first completed knitting project.  The problem being that it was a Birthday present for my sister.  This time last year I thought enough is enough!  I MUST complete my sisters present that I had been knitting for the past 2 years but never quite completing.  It was meant to be her Christmas present in 2010 when she had just moved into her first grown up house (mortgage and everything!).  But the excitement of starting my own business took over and I never quite got round to finishing it.  Well three years later and I finally gave it to her!

Like I say I actually finished it about this time last year – but her Birthday is 3rd of January so I had to wait a whooooole year to give it to her; and indeed post it up here in case she saw the blog post!  Well here it is!

A draft excluder in the shape of a sausage dog!  All knitted of course.

It looks a little short for this particular door but I assure you it does fit on a normal door………not sure what happened here, looks like my sisters door is massive.  It fits at the bottom of her bedroom door though.

I embroidered on a little black nose and two little eyes.  It’s a bit rustic, but I feel adds character 😉

The final touch was a sparkly collar that used to be my little doggies collar, Tess.  I did however call this draft excluder Percy as it just seemed to fit his face, but boys can have sparkly pink collars right!?

The main body has been half stuffed with soft toy stuffing and half with a drinks bottle filled with dry rice to give it some weight (that’s why it looks a little shiny in the top picture).  The toughest part to knit was the main body.  It was done all in stocking stitch and was really boring as it was all the same and really really long!!  But I got there in the end!

Hope you enjoy my knit and maybe try it yourself!  Bare with it, it takes an age to do but is totally satisfying (and quite useful to keep out the drafts this winter!) when you finish it.

Lots of Love

P.S. Frank, my sausage dog, totally wanted to get in on the photos

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