Photo of owner and designer, Betty

Founder and creative director, Betty Hobcraft

As of September 2017, owner and founder Betty made the hard decision to shut up shop and embark on a brand new career in a completely different field. What does this mean for you? Well whilst we have stock, nothing much will change. You might notice less of a presence on social media, and there will be no new collections. This also means that once something is sold out, it will not be re-made – so if you want something get it now before it sells out! Please also note that any discounting has already been done, so if you are holding out for items to be discounted, this isn’t going to happen. So you really do need to buy whilst you can to avoid disappointment.
Betty Blue’s Loungewear was formed on the premise that lounge wear doesn’t have to be boring. Why are there no glamorous alternatives to sweat pants and hoodies? Why does the woman who dresses up to go out, have to abandon her glamorous style when relaxing at home? And just why do women want to hide away their amazing bodies in layers of unflattering fabric?

Our aim is to provide gorgeous girlies of all ages and sizes with luxurious, glamorous and most importantly comfortable lounge wear and sleepwear. Our distinctive ‘Old Hollywood Golden Age of Glamour’ approach has universal appeal as timeless glamour is a style that is revisited year after year on international catwalks. Think Mae West in Ivory silk satin, Marilyn Monroe in black lace or Ginger Rogers in a full length velvet gown. Glamour and elegance have no boundaries and trend loving fashionistas love our products just as much as girls who dress head to toe in Vintage finery every day.

Owner and director Betty Hobcraft studied on the prestigious Contour Fashion degree course at DeMontfort University, graduating in 2010. This means that you can be sure that your loungewear and nightwear will fit you like a glove as well as being expertly designed and crafted. British born and bred we are also proud to manufacture exclusively within the UK making sure that your clothing is ethically and expertly made. Read more about our manufacturing ethos by clicking here.

Formed in 2011, Betty’s award winning lounge wear ensures that you always look like a Hollywood Starlet, even if your lover were to turn up unexpectedly at your front door. You can rest assured that you will be in good company wearing a Betty Blue’s Loungewear item, as our clothing has been featured in such far reaching publications as The Guardian, Vintage Life Magazine and The Metro to name but a few.

So what are you waiting for? Do you too want a Betty Blue’s Loungewear garment lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a giftbox and topped with an elegant blue bow, to hit your front doorstep? All you have to do is click here to start shopping.

Furthermore, are you interested in stocking our amazingly alluring products in your boutique? Click here to email us with your requests and find out more information.