Made in Britain

Union Flag - made in Britain

When Betty Hobcraft started Betty Blue’s Loungewear she wanted to make vintage inspired, luxurious, high quality loungewear.  So it made sense to her that she should manufacture and source as many of the fabrics and components as possible in Britain.  By working with a British manufacturer Betty can be confident that all her garments meet her strict quality control and that she is benefiting from skilled and experienced machinists.  That the factory is only a car drive away makes it easier in the design phase to discuss new ideas for products.

In working with British companies Betty Blue’s Loungewear is carrying on the traditions of British clothing manufacturing, ensuring skills and expertise survive, and contributing to the economy of the country.  Something that Betty is very proud of.  She says:

“Every time you buy something from Betty Blue’s Loungewear, not only do you get a fabulous new lounging outfit to make you feel like a Hollywood starlet, you are also supporting a whole chain of UK businesses, workers and ultimately their families.  That in turn helps our country’s economy.”

We make sure that the companies we work with are also as ethically minded as us.  No items are made in sweat shops, foreign or British.  We make sure that the companies we work with pay their workers a fair wage.  By law, in the UK, all employees must be payed a minimum wage of £6.50 (dependent on age).  Sure this may impact on our costs and the price you as the customer pays, as manufacturing in the UK is more expensive than other countries in the world, but we think our partners in manufacturing deserve to be able to pay their rent and feed their families – and heck! even go on a few holidays!  All the money payed to our manufacturers and suppliers goes straight to their staff and back into their businesses.  There is no business mogul creaming off the profits.  You won’t find collapsed buildings and shoddy equipment in our manufacturers, and we certainly don’t lock our staff into the building.  There is no cutting corners to cut costs, after all we believe you deserve a truly premium garment when you buy from Betty Blue’s Loungewear.