Betty Bridal

 “For vintage brides this range is a dream come true for their special wedding night outfit or honeymoon pieces!” – Vintage Bride magazine, Australia

“utterly beautiful” – Lingerie Blog

“Going to bed has never been more romantic” – customer Annabel Finley-Kensett


Brides everywhere can heave a sigh of relief knowing that we have their Wedding night and Honeymoon lounge wear and sleep wear sorted for them. We provide glamorous lounging robes, pyjamas and lingerie so you can relax safe in the knowledge that you will feel comfortable yet alluring to your lover. Always elegant and never smutty, you will at all times feel amazing on your special day, right from when you are being pampered having your hair and make-up done, to when you are relaxing on that balcony in the Maldives enjoying a chilled glass of Champagne and room service.

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