A silk scarf is one of the most luxurious little items one can own.  They are colourful, cheerful and silken to the touch.  They can spruce up even the dullest of outfits with a little pop of colour.  However it struck me the other day, that I tend to wear mine in one of two different ways.  Either tied around my head to keep my rollers safe and sound, or simply tied around my neck in a little bow.  When my Grandma died years ago, she had a big stash of silk scarves in all colours under the rainbow, and I guess it never really occured to me why she had so many.  My Grandma was a very stylish lady so she must have known something that I didn’t, that a silk scarf is a very versatile item in your wardrobe.

Armed with my own Luna Winter Rose Silk Scarf, and the thought that there must be more stylish and interesting ways to wear said scarf, I did a little research into them.  A google search later and a redirect to you tube and I found a vast array of videos on how to wear a silk scarf.  I was so excited about all the new and interesting ways to wear one, I made a little video to share my knowledge with you, choosing my 8 favourite ways to wear a silk scarf. (You will have to bear with me on the video – it is my first attempt so at the end the music suddenly cuts out teehee, but as first attempts go I think it’s okish)

I think my favourite has to be the square grid.  It was really tricky to get the hang of it, but once learned, it is a really quick way to tie a scarf that is a little more interesting than just a normal reef knot.  I also discovered the scarf ring.  What a brilliant little invention!!!!  I had seen these before in haberdasheries and fabric oddment type shops, but I had always thought they were belt buckles.  I never understood why they didn’t have the pin part of a buckle, seemed to me totally useless to sell them without the main part of the buckle!  Well that is because it was not belt buckles I was looking at, but scarf rings!!  In my video mine is a rather ugly big one as that was all I could find around my house, but they come in all colours and shapes and sizes, just like their belt buckle cousins.

I hope that I have inspired you to wear silk scarves more often and to experiment with how you wear them.   Silk scarves are notoriously expensive, you just have to look at the prices in the scarf hall at Libertys.  But as I have now discovered you can wear them in a wide range of ways, you just need to have a little play with one.  And the great thing about scarves is that they won’t date, taking you from year to year, season to season – so well worth investing in!  I also reccommend searching you tube for “ways to wear a scarf” as there are many many videos on the subject, I didn’t want to overload you on my video.  Get your Luna scarf here in the Winter Rose print or Autumn Poppies print.  The Spring and Summer scarves will be available around March/April time so you can collect all four 😉

Just one more thing to mention before I love you and leave you, go to my previous blog post and print off the Dear Santa…letter so that you can give lots of hints to everyone you know about what you want for Christmas ;-).  Oh and don’t forget to put down your dress size Sm, Med or Lg so that they get the correct size for you!!!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx