I just had to tell you all about one of the other PopUp Britain businesses, Arabelle Skin Sense.  Along with myself and 4 other businesses, we are taking part in a scheme set up to support start-up businesses.  We are situated in Eland House, which is a building in Cardinal Place shopping precinct, near Victoria Tube Station.  We’re kind of tucked away, but are directly opposite the M&S cafe.  You have to go into the building to get into the shop, go through the swingy doors and we are just on the left as you enter.

So come and see us!  You can get your Valentine’s Day loungerie from moi, and some yummy body butters from Arabelle Skin Sense, to make your skin all kissable and huggable.  I am in absolute awe of the lady who runs this skincare company!  She mixes up her lovely skincare products herself at home, and has been frantically mixing up batches of potions and butters just for you guys to buy at the PopUp shop.  Everything is organic, and everything is natural.  There are absolutely NO chemicals in them other than natural, essential oils.  They are specifically formulated to combat dry skin, but she also has a range of more gentle products for oily skin.  Not only do they make your skin baby soft (I’ve tried out all the testers so can attest to this!) but they also smell AMAZING.

When you enter the shop the yummy scents meet you and Margaret is on hand to help you choose the right products for your skin type.  There are testers of all the products, so you can try before you buy.  
I recommend the body butters.  They have no preservatives in and are made in small batches to ensure freshness at all times; so that the essential oils are at their absolute best to make your skin feel amazing all the time!

These are high quality products at an amazing price.  You get your indulgent butter (or whatever other items you may choose) in a beautiful little velvet pouch and classy paper bag, to take away with you.

Another item I am in love with is the cleansers.  They are oil based and may be a bit strange at first because of this.  The reason they don’t foam up and form a type of wash, is because they don’t contain all those nasty synthetic emulsifying type chemicals.  Simply pump into your palms and wipe all over your face.  No need to take your make up off before, the oil will do that for you.  Then use a soft muslin cloth soaked in hot water to take the oil (and all the grimey horrid stuff) off.  The bonus of having an oil based cleanser is that all the goodness of those essential oils can get to work whilst cleansing at the same time.

I am also reliably informed that there will be a wash cloth added to the Arabelle Skin Sense range in the near future, so taking off the product will be an even more luxurious process.

At the moment, if you come along to the PopUp Britain shop, you can get a lip butter completely free when you buy two or more skincare products.  Even more of a reason to pop along and try out these amazing products.  I am so excited to have found these skin products.  I am a huge skin care snob/enthusiast and try and take care of my skin as much as I can.  So to have found these is amazing.  And Margaret knows her stuff!  She explained to me that the smaller the list of ingredients, the better for your skin the product is.  Which is exactly what her products are all about!

Hope to see some of my lovely readers soon, in London.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx