Hello!  So I am well and truly back from my Holiday in Vegas.  I had a fabulous week relaxing and socialising with friends.  I didn’t take many photos as I prefer enjoying the moment rather than obsessively photographing everything, so I won’t bore you with a Holiday slideshow.  Just this shot of both old and new friends on one of our first evenings.

Vegas Goodtimes

Vegas Goodtimes

Considering the amount of colourful alcoholic beverages we had consumed, I think we all look pretty hot!  The whole week was filled with very stylish people and Vintage outfits that were very enviable.  I did muchos damage to my credit card buying beautiful vintage dresses, trousers and all sorts.  I also treated myself to a dress that I have been lusting after by Dita Von Teese for months now.  I justified it as a “work outfit” so I HAD to buy it.  Totally justified right!

Second Look Dress by Dita Von Teese

Second Look Dress by Dita Von Teese

So I am now back to work and slapped with the reality that the summer trade show is just around the corner and I have EVERYTHING to prepare for it.  Que mass panic and much swearing from me.  I am also back to my plan of world domination (of the loungewear market at least).  Did you know you can buy a certain lounge wear brand that rhymes with Lucy Pouture from Gatwick Airport.  Now who in their right mind would want that when they could buy Betty Blue’s Loungerie!  So that little revelation has helped inspire me to keep on keeping on, then one day you may be able to buy Betty Blue’s Loungerie at Gatwick Airport for your impending travels.  You may remember I had a little incentive running a few months ago to encourage you all to mention my brand to lingerie boutique owners.  You can read it here.  Well it seems they still aren’t quite getting the hint.  I have had lots of shops show interest, but trying to persuade anyone to actually stock Betty Blue’s Loungerie is like drawing blood from a stone.  I always maintain that if I can sell my lounge wear, and I’m not particularly trying very hard, then a professional sales person certainly can!  But their loss!!  I think it is a validation thing.  Shop owners are suspicious of anything new without the confirmation of their peers.  So we all need to reassure them that they are doing the right thing by investing in Betty Blue’s Loungerie.

So in order to reassure boutique owners, bless them they do need A LOT of reassuring, I have just hired a super duper PR company to handle all my media and press requests.  This has got me thinking about you my lovely customers and readers.  Where would you like to see Betty Blue’s Loungerie being featured?  Which celebs do you think would rock my robes? So in order to target the right glossy magazines and newspapers ect.  I have made a little survey that I would be ever so grateful if you could fill it in.  And as a little thank you from me to you, when you fill in the survey and get to the last page, a 15% discount code for my website appears. You can redeem this 15% off on all products website wide, there are no terms and conditions only make sure you do it quickly as it expires on 31st May 2014.  The survey can be found here:


Don’t forget to share the link with your friends, everyone gets a discount code :).  If I could only ask one thing of you, please be as specific and detailed as you can be.  The more information I have the better it is, so don’t be afraid to ramble on, I want your honest opinions and comments.

In other news I signed up for an Instagram account.  Find me @BettyBluesLoungerie and you will get an insight into every day office life……….well once I’ve figured the whole instagram thing out, technology is not my forte.  Anyway there may be radio silence over here and on facebook and twitter in the next few weeks as I will be organising lots of different things in time for the before mentioned trade show, but I shall try my best to keep you all updated on all the goings on at Blue’s HQ.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx