My lovely intern Lisa took her camera to the photoshoot and got a few snaps of what goes on behind the scenes.  I thought my blog readers would like a chance to see how we got to the fabulous pictures that Tigz Rice Studios produced for me 🙂

This pic shows my brill make up artist Kelly, aka Miss Honey Bare of Heyday Honey Vintage Hair and makeup, putting the finishing touches to Banbury’s Monroe-esque look.

Here is Banbury Cross doing her thing in front of the camera looking effortlessly beautiful 🙂  She had great fun twirling around in the Bridgette Babydoll and Knicker set, the fabric is so floaty and fun to wear!

Tigzy having a little lie down – it was a loooong day!  Teehee she’s gonna love me for this photo!  And again Banbury Cross looking fab whilst relaxing as one does so often on a fur rug!  And you can just see me in the background having my hair done by Kelly, and I’m pretty sure Fleur was floating around in the background somewhere.

Sorry for the black box – I want to keep the suspense till it’s ready to sell 😉

And the last pic is a teaser of a product that will be ready around November time just in time for Christmas!  The red is lovely and bright and festive so tell your other halves to start saving now for it ;-). That’s me making sure it looks neat and presentable on Banbury so it will photograph well.  And photograph well it did!  I am so excited about his robe.  If you are coming to Goodwood Revival you will catch a glimpse of it, and I will be  taking pre-orders there – otherwise you’re going to have to wait a few months till it’s up on the website :-p Can you see I’m wearing my slippers teehee I like to make myself at home!  This was towards the end of the day so excuse the  messy background, we were all very hot and bothered and couldn’t be bothered to tidy as we went along!

So there is a little insight into photoshoots and it just shows you how bloody fantastic Tigz is with editing photos!  We shot on a plain background and she worked her magic to put in coloured backgrounds that complimented the products in them.  I think this was a bit of a nightmare for her so YAY FOR TIGZ.  Thanks we love you and your photography!  

We love Tigz Rice so much that she is joining us on Stand 81 in the Market Area at the Goodwood Revival, so come on down and say hi to us!!!  Only a few more days for you to be able to get your tickets…….get them here:  Only Friday and Sunday tickets left!!!!

Betty Blue’s will be officially launching the brand at Goodwood Revival, but I will make another blog post about everything we have lined up for you in a few days.

Betty xxx