A couple of weeks ago I had my A/W 13/14 photo shoot with Tigz Rice StudiosMiss Honey Bare was the make up artist and luckily she had her camera on her to take a few behind the scenes pictures.  I say luckily, as I was all stressed from having to get all the garments ready for the shoot in time, so completely forgot to take any snaps!

The shoot was a boudoir themed, on location shoot.  The location being the Murder Mile Studios in Clapton.  It is a beautifully decorated studio with many interesting and quirky rooms.  Here are some of the scenes that we didn’t use.

Teehee you can see Fleur in her rollers in the mirror!

The studios are a maze of rooms so there were many more that we didn’t get to capture but were just as decadently decked out.

We, however, used just one setting.  Here is the Tigzmeister setting up her equipment.

Tigzy doing a spot of posing
Checking the lighting is correctly positioned

As you can see the boudoir set was perfect for showing the lounging nature of my products!  If only all our houses looked like this for when we wear our Betty Blue’s Loungerie!  Once the models had arrived, myself and Fleur de Guerre, the first port of call was the hair and make-up chair.

Miss Honey Bare’s kit
Working her magic on Fleur’s hair and make-up
And working her magic on me 🙂

Everyone was amazed with how many pairs of shoes I brought to the shoot……..what can I say, I like to prepare for every eventuality!

Considering how many shoes I brought, most of the pictures us models aren’t wearing shoes haha, oh well!

I don’t want to give too many details away so that’s all for the behind the scenes pics, but on the day Fleur did post a cheeky sneak at the new colour way for the Bettie Robe.  Here it is for those of you who missed it/not on twitter/facebook.

Doesn’t she look stunning!!  But you will have to wait until later to see the proper pics and the rest of the A/W 13/14 range ;).  For now I am having all the images made into look books so that I can send them out to potential stockists.  World domination is on my mind at the moment so I apologise if there is a lack of posts recently. 

Until next time.  Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S.  Much thanks to Miss Honey Bare for taking all the fab behind the scenes photos and letting me use them!!  You saved my bacon!