Why not treat yourself in this rainy weather to this!

Hello everybody.  I hope all is well with my readers, despite this rather rubbish “summer” weather us Brits are currently experiencing.  Well you expect it really with the Olympics coming up – gotta show the world what we have to endure 99% of the time :-p only fair really.

Anyway summery type garments are being put into production so I should have more news on the Tempest Set and Hedy Teddy soon.  Also a second much larger batch of the Black Nell Robe is well under way and I hope to have those in stock and back on my website soon too.  Obviously when I have more firm information I will let you all know :).

So onto why I need your help.  All this gloomy weather (and the fact technically for publicity purposes I should be thinking about Christmas) has got me thinking about Winter 2012/2013 items.  I have been trying to source a nice fluffy fabric so that I can make a beautifully cosy robe.  The kind you can wrap yourself in luxuriously when it is cold outside to shut out the drizzle.  I have FINALLY found some suitably lovely fabric, but there is one small little problem…………they don’t have a colour chart.  Usually I select fabrics from a colour chart based on the colours that jump out at me and ooze glamour.  So having to invent my own colour for the company to dye the fabric to is making my scratch my head!  The minimum order is painfully big for me as I am such a small company, so I have to be sure that the colour I select will sell.  Otherwise I will be stuck with a mountain of fluffy fabric in a colour no one will buy.

So here is a picture of a rough design of the robe and the colours to choose from.  Head on over to my facebook page to pick a colour or alternatively leave a comment on this blog.

I have managed to narrow it down to Burgundy, Midnight Blue or Dusky (Vintage) Pink.  So which do you prefer?

All I have left to say is, want to be one of the first to hear about the arrival of the Black Nell Robe in size Small?  Did you miss out last time and just can’t miss out on one this time?!  Then sign up to my new Newsletter where you will be one of the FIRST to hear about its arrival a WHOLE DAY before my twitter and facebook followers hear about it………I like to spoil my faithful followers ;-).  To sign up go to this page.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S.  Once again here is the link for the facebook poll on fluffy robe colours HERE!
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