Well new month and new blogging mantra, I will update you all more this month than I did last!  So to kick start September I am offering you all a super duper deal!

For a few months now I have been preparing myself for what I call my “Boutique Blitz”.  I have many lovely and very loyal customers who have been with me since the beginning of my business, but if I want to make this business work (and take a wage and potentially hire a team of awesome people to work for me), I need to up my orders!  It’s not easy starting a business in a recession.  Department stores and boutiques are unlikely to take a risk on an unknown brand that has not stood the test of time.  It’s understandable really, why take a risk when they can sell the same old same old they know will shift.  Unfortunatly it is not enough that I know my product is awesome and will sell well, they tend to want proof not just my word on the matter!  So how can you, my loyal fans help?

Well the first thing to do is what you have been doing already for me.  Like my products?  Well pin them, facebook them, tweet them, tumblr them, instagram them ect ect……….but don’t forget to mention me 😉 otherwise people won’t know who has designed them and where they can be bought!  So for your reference here are my details:

Twitter: @bbloungerie
Facebook: Betty Blue’s Loungerie
Web Shop: www.bettybluesloungerie.com

It’s also super useful if you visit some of my stockists and buy through them.  They are more likely to order more stock and different ranges if they sell out of their Betty Blue’s Loungerie stock :).  My stockists for now are short and sweet, and are:

Pleasurements Prive – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Faire Frou Frou – Studio City CA, USA
Sweet Pins – Online Australia
Maison Kiss Kiss – London, UK

The final thing you can do for me, which is what will earn you your £100 voucher, is to directly approach your local lingerie boutique.  Do you have an awesome lingerie boutique near you that sells independant, luxury designer lingerie, sleep wear and lounge wear?  Well this is what you need to do to earn your voucher:

  • Pop into the store and say “have you heard of Betty Blue’s Loungerie?” or “do you sell Betty Blue’s Loungerie?” then add “they are an awesome new UK based lounge wear brand that I think would be excellent for your boutique!”
  • E-mail me: betty@bettybluesloungerie.com with the name of the shop and the name of the person who owns/manages the shop.  This way I will have both their name, and yours.
  • Make sure that said boutique owner/manager has my website and contact details, we don’t want them to forget who you suggested to them!

If said lingerie boutique goes on to make an order with me, I will send you out your very own £100 voucher to spend on anything you like on my super fab online store.  Think of all the delights you could purchase!

So go and spread the word!  I’m particularly eager to reach out to boutiques in Russia, South America and the Middle East as I have not had customers from those areas yet.  I have also heard that Germany and Australia have big Pin-Up scenes so am keen to be stocked there too.  And of course any where else in the world!!!  And remember, they have to place an order from me in order for you to get your voucher!  I’m going to finish this blog post with a picture just so it’s not so writey and boring for you.  My new look books 🙂 aren’t they shiny and brill!!

Look Books

Look Books

Shiney Front Cover!

Shiny Front Cover!

Lots of Love

Betty xxx