Being self employed and in a fledgling business with just little old me (and whoever I have managed to rope in to help me for free) special occasions such as Christmas can feel as if they just pass by unnoticed.  No one to bring in cake and share it with, no one to dress up and go out on the razz in novelty outfits and no one to just share the fun of different occasions with.  Maybe that is a good thing?  More cake for me and I don’t have to buy presents or pay for the staff Xmas Party!!!  But it also is a little sad.  So when ReeRee Rockette announced there was going to be a Christmas Party for our little #wwmoob group, I was very excited!!!  AND we had to wear Christmas jumpers and bring a secret santa prezzie.  WIN!

So the #wwmoob Christmas Party was last night, at a brilliant bar on Shorditch High Street.  Called the Drunken Monkey, it was the perfect place for us #wwmoob’s as they serve an extensive list of Cocktails and also some delicious Dim Sum.

Statutory food/drink picture

I would just like to point out not all the above drinks were mine!  The Prawn Satay was though and it was AMAZING!!!  I also had two lots of the assorted Dim Sum which was equally amazing but didn’t fill me up enough – hence ordering two lots of them 🙂

All the usual #wwmoob’s were at the party, ReeRee Rockette, Pip Jolley, Alexis of Ruff Mutts, Rosie Night Feather, Little Miss B Hats owner Ellen……the list could go on! 

So sorry Pip I know you are gonna hate me for using this pic (don’t think she was even drunk at this point haha!)……but look at their amazing matching Xmas Jumpers!!!

Katies hair :), Rubyyy Jones and Miss Honey Wilde who had her wears on display if you catch my drift 😉 can’t see them though in this pic booo!

As well as some #wwmoob’s I hadn’t seen for aaaaaages, which was really lovely to see them again!

Moi with the lovely Burnadette <----- totally can't spell her name sorry! 

And I even met some new people, from the Norwich branch of #wwmoob!  Who I sort of knew on Twitter but I didn’t meet properly until last night.

The lovely @Retrochick_uk, who does have a real name but it is much easier to remember people by their twitter names!  Here she is perfectly modelling some chopsticks.

The equally lovely @Glamour_ologist, who also has a real name but meh.  She is showing us all how famous her and @Retrochick_uk are along with @Missy_Vintage  as part of the glam team at @HistoricalSouce THEY WERE IN THE PAPERS!!!!  Local paper but a paper none the less so well done ladies, one step further to the #wwmoob’s taking over the world!

The last picture of the night I have for you is of Ellen and I with our Christmas jumpers on.  If there had been a contest I would have won with my Christmas jumper as it was awesome…………until Ellen turned up with her hand knitted creation and out did my efforts!  Damn you Ellen!!!!!!

Hahaha nice face @Retrochick_uk :-p

Unfortunately as I don’t live in London I had to leave at 10:15pm to get my train, but I had a truly lovely short while catching up with everyone, drinking yummy cocktails and eating yummy food.  It was quite an eventful train journey home as it was blowing a gale!!!  Which was slightly surreal at Crystal Palace Station sitting on my own!  Like the Apocalypse!  I also could not find anywhere open at Clapham Junction to feed my drunken hunger which made me sad, but to be honest I didn’t venture too far from my platform as I didn’t want to miss my train.
Hope everyone else is having a lovely festive period with their office party’s, I know I enjoyed mine 🙂
Lots of Love
Betty xxxxxxxxxxx