It is that time of year again for good cheer and good deeds to one another.  And to hint very obviously what we would like for Christmas, from Betty Blue’s Loungerie, from our loved ones…….or for you believers out there from Santa!  I myself have been very boring and asked for things to help my business like printer ink (it’s expensive!) and other boring things like socks, too old for frivolous things now!  So to help make things even more obvious for your loved ones/Santa I have made a little leaflet that you can print out and fill in!

You can of course print out lots to hand out to more than just one person, thus ensuring that EVERYONE knows what you want!  Here are my top picks from Betty Blue’s Loungerie products to help you decide what will be worth adding to that all important list:

It is the PERFECT time of year for the Rita Siren Suit!  With spiraling gas and electricity prices why not persuade your loved one to invest in one of these babies.  You can justify the gift by saying that by wearing this pretty suit, not only will you look FAB for them day and night, but you will actually be SAVING MONEY!  Yes you read that correctly!  You will be saving money because you won’t need to put the heating on very much any more, because the Rita suit is soooooo warm and snugly.  Now how could they not buy it for you now!!!  If you can’t wait until Christmas, and need to save heating bills now, then you can always treat yourself now 😉

The second gift that is perfect for Christmas is the Limited Edition Luna 100% Silk Scarf.

This truly is a luxury little piece.  Made from 100% Silk Chiffon it is slinky and soft and will brighten up those gloomy Winter days.  There are 2 different prints available at the moment, the Autumnn Poppy Print (above) and the Winter Rose Print (below).

They come beautifully packaged in a special little Betty Blue’s box so that you can keep it safe and sound when not wearing it.  A great friend of mine designed these prints exclusively for Betty Blue’s and you will not be able to find these anywhere else in the world.  As with all Betty Blue’s items they were made right here in the UK and they were also digitally printed in the UK too, so you will be helping the British economy by getting one of these beauties.  In total there are 4 designs in the series with the Spring and Summer prints set to be released next year, so snap up the Autumn and Winter ones whilst you can!

In the next few weeks I will be doing a tutorial video on all the different ways that you can wear these gorgeous scarves so look out for it on this blog! (It’s going to take me a while to figure out how to edit the video I have recorded!)  It really is a versatile little item 🙂

So those are my picks or special little Christmas gifts – but you can of course choose any items you like!!  I would just like to remind you all about the Christmas posting times, and when is the last day that you can order to guarantee delivery before for Christmas Day.

UK – 21st December before 3pm
EU and International – 12th December before 3pm (GMT)

It may also be worth thinking about the Great British weather.  For those of you abroad you may not be aware that for the past two years it has snowed in December in the UK.  The thing about the UK is, the first sign of snow and EVERYTHING stops!!!  The country cannot cope.  It is silly because there are a lot of other countries that are often snow bound, but the British are useless when it comes to snow.  For what I can only assume as health and safety reasons, the postmen and women stop ALL deliveries (I imagine in case they  slip over and make themselves look like an arse).  We can’t risk postmen and women looking silly now can we!!!  So unless you are having a life saving organ delivered, your parcel is going to sit in a nice warm holding office for several weeks, until it is deemed safe to deliver again.  It sounds dramatic right and I’m being quite cynical  but when we consider it is only 1 or 2 inches of snow AT THE MOST, it puts things into perspective!  Goodness knows how we all survived in the past when it was a regular occurance to snow in the winter, I’ll never know!  So the point of this little rant about postage and the snowy weather is; it is better to order NOW so you avoid disappointment if god forbid it may get a bit snowy in the UK.  The weather is unseasonally mild here at the moment so take this opportunity to order what you want because it could all change in a few weeks time.

With lots of Christmas love and cheer
Betty xxxx