Hello everybody and welcome to any new readers who have found me through the Black Nell Robe!  Since the release of the pictures of the very beautiful model Morgana in my Black version of The Nell Robe, things have stepped up a gear here at Betty Blue’s HQ.  Before I knew it I had completely sold out of Small’s, have only 1 left in Medium and 2 in Large!  And I have had many an email begging me to tell them when and if I will be getting more Small’s in.

Well I have been busy as a bee trying to organise more of these beauties being made, and I think I’m nearly there.  The robe has been a nightmare for my factory so hats off to them for doing such a sterling job.  The problem being that the black fabric is A LOT more stretchy than the red (despite being the exact same fabric from the exact same supplier) so is a complete nightmare to sew the lace panels into.  But fear not my lovely followers, we think we may have figured this baby out and mastered the art of making it!  So hopefully very soon I will be able to tell you all when I will be getting more in!  In the meantime why not sign up to my new mailing list so you can be one of the first to know when the Small’s get into my office.  You can do so here.

In between panicking about the Black Nell Robe, I recently discovered a vintage clothing/accessories/kitchenalia/bar accessories/furniture shop just 5 minutes down the road from my house.  DANGEROUS!!!  I have already bought way too much stuff.  But one particular item I just had to share with you is a book called “Design For Glamour”. 

In essence it is a book all about the art of glamour and how to achieve it.  It was first published in 1945, written by Terry Hunt who also wrote “Exercise and Keep Fit”.  There is indeed a chapter on how to exercise for ‘Conditioning for Health and Beauty’ in this book.

The book was £5 so not one of my usual bargains, but I knew I had to have it when I opened it and it stopped on the chapter ‘Fifty Beauty Hints’.

My favourite hint is number 5 and something which I am afraid I am guilty of:

5.  Winter does not excuse you for having “fuzz” on your legs.  Sheer hose does not hide it.  Use a depilatory.

I’m sure you have done it too in the winter.  In a rush to get out of the door and out, instead of bothering to shave your legs (or wax or whatever) just popped on a pair of stockings and hope that it will cover up those pesky hairs.  I then read on and number 7 made me giggle

7.  Hair on your arms is ugly.  The five-and-ten-cent stores sell a bleaching kit that will make these almost invisible – use it.

What I love is the after thought – use it – like they’re trying to enforce the importance of not having arm hair haha.  Anyone who has really hairy arms, if they bleached it, it would just make them blonde; ie it doesn’t actually make them any less visible as they are still there!  If anything it makes it more obvious as people stare and think why on earth have they bleached their arm hair?!?!  Teehee but I’m sure the writer had people’s best intention at heart.

Another tip?  Well this one is a great one:

39.  Don’t wear shoes two sizes too small because it is the fashionable thing to do.  Be sure your shoes fit you and so avoid corns, bunions and calluses.

………..Really don’t think I could get my feet into shoes two sizes too small!  Number 50 is a nice one though:

50.  Learn to be generous, open – minded, kindly, decent in your attitude towards others.  These emotions will eventually be reflected in your face and will attract people to you.

I wholeheartedly believe in number 50.  It is the ‘same as what goes around comes around’ or Karma.  Also I’m of the opinion that if you change your attitude to positivity and ‘things will go well for me’ then generally positive things start happening in your life.

This book really is a gem and totally worth the £5 I spent on the old tatty book.  I think I will probably do more posts in the future taking inspiration from some of the chapters.  The foreword entices us in by stating:

“Glamour is that curious something which makes a girl look like a Poiret model in a $2.98 dress”

Well yes please, I’ll have me some of that!!!  My business is all about how to achieve glamour in your everyday life so I’m sure we can learn a lot from this book – after all there is a WHOLE chapter on ‘Your Perfume’, intriguing!

Until next time, keep glam ladies and shave/wax those legs!
Betty xxx

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