To continue with the theme of an earlier blog post with a quick pin-up make-up look, I have now devised a quick glamorous hair look to go with it.  Again this look is achievable in around 5 minutes, or less once you get practiced at it.  It still bothers me that on days off people don’t bother with their appearance.  As the wise Dita once said:

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”

So with my tutorials you will learn to look beautiful without having to spend hours upon hours on your appearance.  I hope to shame you lazy people out there into taking pride in your appearance, as making oneself look presentable only takes 10 minutes out of your day.  I know I spend 10 minutes or more each day checking my twitter feed and emails, so why should I not reallocate those 10 minutes to pampering myself!!!

I have to say now that I am incredibly cack handed/clumsy so this look could probably be done in half the time that I take faffing and dropping things.  So I’m afraid your excuses not to look glam on your days off just won’t cut it with me!

Have fun trying this one out.
Lots of  Love