Brighton.  Photography - Matt Keller

Brighton. Photography – Matt Keller

Hello lovely readers.  I hope you are enjoying all the new products I have recently added – the fleece Bettie Robe is certainly going down a storm in this chilly weather.  So maybe you are reading this all snuggled up on your sofa.  If you aren’t then go here to order your very own snugglefest of a robe.

But now onto the point of this post.  Last Saturday I ventured down to Brighton to meet up with Ellen of B Millinery and do a spot of charity shop shopping during the day, and be extras in a film a friend is making in the evening.  The charity shop shopping was a little disappointing as the really big cool one was closed on a Saturday (CLOSED ON A SATURDAY?!?!?  Madness!), but I did buy a mug for 50p at one shop which I was pretty pleased with.

Anyway back to the film.  The film is called Paper Doll and is written and directed by Matt Keller with the main characters being Matt Blacklock and Fleur de Guerre (who you may remember has modelled for me in both past collections and in my Autumn/Winter 13/14 campaign).  Here is a little blurb about the film:

“Set within the contemporary world of vintage clothing and social dances, Paper Doll is the tale of Edward, a young man who dresses everyday like it’s the 1940s. He works a dead-end office job where his colleagues make fun of him but comes alive when he’s out dancing, drinking and womanising.

Edward’s world is turned upside down when he meets Agatha – the woman of his dreams – who helps him to become the gentleman he’s always strived to be, but is she real or just a paper doll?”

And here are the main players:

Director doing directory things........but more importantly OMG LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!!!

Director doing directory things……..but more importantly OMG LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!!!  Photography – Krysalis Photography

The beautiful people.  Matt who plays ' class=

The beautiful people. Matt who plays ‘Edward’ and Fleur who plays ‘Agatha’.  Photography – both Krysalis Photogrpahy

Intriguing non?!  Ellen and I were roped in to be the cool (and we are incredibly cool) vintagey looking people in the background of the scenes filmed at a club/pub/dance venue thingy.  Our brief, stand around in the background looking like we are having a good time and pretend to be chatting.  So we did.

Ellen and I are to the left of this picture doing our best miming

Ellen and I are to the left of this picture doing our best miming.  Photography – Krysalis Photography

It’s not as easy as it sounds you know!  Try pretending to have a conversation with someone without giggling and you will see what I mean.  But Ellen, who had been an extra before, said the trick is to mime ‘rhubarb’ over and over and it looks like you are having an interesting convo.  So if anyone is watching the film who can lip read we are in trouble.  Anyway, there were lots of glamorous ladies and dapper gentlemen in the background too.

Excuse my terrible phone camera - photography is not my forte!

Excuse my terrible phone camera picture – photography is obviously not my forte!

Ellen looked stunning in her completely hand-made outfit.  It consisted of her hand-made suit made from a 1930’s/1940’s pattern, complete with matching hand blocked hat.  She really is quite talented you know.  So go and take a look at her Etsy shop – Christmas is coming.

Ellen of B Millinery

Ellen of B Millinery.  Photography – Krysalys Photography

I wore my favourite 1940’s vintage dress – you may recognise it from my picture outside No. 10 Downing Street (never gets old boasting about that teehee)

Me doing my best Bela Lugosi impression ;) avec Fleur

Me doing my best Bela Lugosi impression, avec Fleur.  Photography – Krysalis Photography

Later in the evening I was asked if I’d like to have a slightly bigger extra-ing part.  No speaking, just sitting listening to the main man talking to me.  Well ok then, I can do that!  Now I have to say at this point, there is a reason why no real alcohol is used in pub/club type scenes.  Because when you stand around in the background take after take sipping on a drink, if it is real wine, one tends to get slightly sozzled……….lesson learnt!

It was hard having to look at that chap ;)

It was a tough job having to look at that chap, but someone had to do it teehee.  Photography –
Krysalis Photography

I think I controlled the drink in me quite well.  So when the film is out look out for me staring into the eyes of the leading man who is sitting with me.  He sees the mysterious ‘Agatha’, he completely ignores me (the bastard!) and watches her walking across the room, and then goes back to me asking me what I’m doing in Brighton – que dramatic pause (as inside I was thinking shiiiit do I have to actually answer) and then CUT.  And that was my big starring moment.  Now if I was a real actress I should have looked at who he was looking at that wasn’t me, scowled at him, got up, thrown my drink over him then flounced off dramatically.  How dare he ignore me over another woman, even if it is the beautiful Fleur de Guerre!

Anyway Ellen and I had a brill time, so thanks for having us Matt Keller!  I will be sure to let you all know when the film is released so you can see my fleeting appearance as ‘Girl at Tail End Charlie’s’.

In the mean time, keep checking back to this blog, as I have some more wonderful products being made at the factory, as part of the A/W 13/14 collection, which are soon to be released.  It includes winter warmer fluffy robe no. 2 and two additional garments to the ‘Nell’ collection that are much like the Nell Robe, must haves!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx