Hello everybody!  Well sales have been a little slow the last week or so and I am hemorrhaging money left right and centre with the new Nell Robe going into production soon.  So I decided to give away a little gift with the next 5 orders to hit my inbox as a little incentive for y’all.

A super cute little mirror, complete with protective pouch, just the right size for your handbag!  I had these made up by a new acquaintance of mine, Katie, at Oh Squirrel, specifically with the Betty Blue’s Logo on. 

Aren’t they gorgeous!  Well one could be yours when you order from my website!  There is no minimum spend, it’s simply the first 5 people to order will get one.  So GO!

Oh and if you pre-order the Nell Robe, it will be sent with your robe in September when I get them from my factory so worry not if you don’t receive your FREE MIRROR just yet.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx