It’s that time of year again my dear readers, the time of year for peace and joy and good will to all men (and women!).  So today on our blog we are talking to about one of my favourite parts of Christmas – PRESENTS OF LOVELY LINGERIE!

You may remember last year that we took part in a little scheme called Lingerie Secret Santa.  The Lingerie Secret Santa is designed to help men and women all over the world choose gifts for their loved ones.  It also highlights the importance of buying from independent businesses over the festive period.  Not only will you get an awesome gift made with love and care, you often get a better more personal service.  Essentially the scheme puts us small business owners in your shoes.  We are given a person to gift an item to along with some basic information about them such as clothing size and any preferences or dislikes they may have (ie not everyone likes skimpy g-strings).  So taking into consideration their dress size and any preferences we chose a gift for them.

Last year our ‘giftee’ was Leanna from Harlow and Fox.  This is what we gifted her:

Heather Silk Bettie Bed Jacket - WAS £220 NOW £176

Heather Silk Bettie Bed Jacket – WAS £220 NOW £176

Here is Betty’s reasons for gifting her the Heather Silk Bettie Bed Jacket:

“I wanted to give my ‘giftee’ a present that I think she will get lots of use out of, and something that best represents what Betty Blue’s Loungerie is all about.  Being a fellow self employed lady, lounge wear is something we probably wear the most of in our wardrobe.  What better than this practical little bed jacket!  It’s glamorous, comfortable and a little bit extravagant  What better to wear when this certain lady is reading in bed (business books of course!) or opening the door to the postman when caught in her nightie (you have no idea how often this happens to me!).  This lady also has amazing vital statistics.  The pleat in the back of the jacket ensures that it will move with and stretch around her ample bosom.  I hope this cute jacket will add a little lavishness and sophistication to her every day life.  And if all else fails – everyone loves silk right?!”

The companies taking part this year are:

Toru and Naoko

Sugar Lace Lingerie

Pamela Cooper Intimates

Edge Of Beyond

Uye Surana

Nubian Skin

Love Pillowbook

Ayten Gasson

Karolina Laskowska

Raven Dreams


Playful Promises

All Undone

Kayleigh Peddie

Orchid Corsetry



Little Women

Nearer The Moon


She And Reverie

Harlow and Fox

Kiss Me Deadly

Dotties Delights

Ava Corsetry


Ell And Cee

This year, without giving too much away as we want the person to be surprised, our lady is again an amply bosom-ed lady.  Our lady has a love of all things retro and vintage – excellent!  This is our forte!  She also has a love of anything lacy and silky.  So we need to think of something that is suitably retro styled, that includes lace and perhaps silk as well.  Well we have just the items!  Here is what we have chosen:

Lingerie Secret Santa 2015 Betty Blues Loungerie

Lingerie Secret Santa 2015 Betty Blues Loungerie Present

Our Nell Dress Slip is perfect for this lady.  She can wear it under a skirt suit so that her stockings don’t stick to the skirt, as women in the 50’s would.  Or she can use it as a sultry little night dress.  To go with the Nell Dress Slip, we have also gifted one of our brand new Agatha Eyemasks and an even newer product our Lingerie Bag (more on this at a later date).  The lingerie bag is a fully lined silk pouch finished with a Petersham ribbon tie.  As stated in her description of what she loves, it is made from a beautifully luxurious silk, perfect for popping her nightwear in and laying elegantly on her pillow.  She can then slip on her Nell Slip Dress and her Agatha Eyemask and slip into a sweet slumber dreaming of all that Santa Clause will bring her.  Get the Agatha Eyemask HERE and the Nell Dress Slip HERE.

Lingerie Secret Santa 2015 Betty Blues Loungerie 2

We hope this post has helped inspire you to think about Christmas gifts for a loved one.  If you know what your loved one likes, why not give us an email with a few details and we can help suggest what might be suitable from our online boutique.  Just let us know:

  • Your giftee’s dress size and bust/waist/hip measurements
  • A little bit about their personality ie. are they flirty and feminine, daring and adventurous, or elegant and sophisticated
  • Their favourite fabrics

Email your Christmas Gift Idea Request to and we will email you back within 24 hours with some suggestions!

Lots of Love
Betty and all at Blue’s HQ xxx