Quick post today with some exciting news!  I am busy packing up all my lovely loungerie as I will be starting a two week stint at a London PopUp Shop.

The address is: Eland House, Bressenden Pl, Westminster, London, Knightsbridge, London, Greater London SW1E 5DU, UK

And the nearest tube station is Victoria.

I will be bringing all the stock that I have, so come on down to try on my beauties to see how fabulous you look in them!  There will also be five other companies in the space:

Popcorn Box – All kinds of home/kitchen gifts that look wonderful!
Aurina – Home textile and lifestyle company
Arabelle Skin Sense Ltd – Gorgeous luxury, natural skincare products
Jolie Poupee – Organic baby clothing
Hello Baby Gifts – As the name suggests, baby gifts

So it’s quite a mixture of different bits and bobs.  The reason I am involved is as a last minute addition.  I believe someone must have dropped out last minute, so a space opened up for the next two weeks.  I jumped at the chance when I saw on twitter they were looking for someone.  I have been applying since last summer to try and be in one of the PopUp Britain shops, to no avail.  I think there was at first some concern that my product was a little ‘risque’ as the building is a government building.  However my persistence has payed off! I’m very very excited to be a part of this scheme.

The shop will open to the public on Tuesday 5th February, and I will be in there until 17th February, so perfect for Valentine’s shoppers!  So if you are London based pop in and say hi!  It will be lovely to meet some of my fabulous customers and hear all your feedback on my products.  I will be tweeting and keeping everyone updated with the days I shall be in the shop so keep your peepers open.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH POP UP BRITAIN!!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited 😉 teehee)

P.P.S I forgot to put in the opening hours ooops!

Monday:  9am – 6pm
Tuesday:  9am – 6pm
Wednesday:  9am – 6pm
Thursday:  9am – 7pm
Friday:  9am – 6pm
Saturday:  9am – 6pm
Sunday:  11am – 4pm

I believe the first Monday the store is closed so we can all set up, so trading starts Tuesday 5th February 😀