What will you get this year?

What will you get this year?


Well that came around quickly didn’t it!  Today was the last day of guarenteed Christmas delivery for the UK.  I have to say, you all did rather well.  I hope that it was you, dear reader, who will be getting something for Christmas from Betty Blue’s Loungerie from Santa.

And if you don’t get anything, well you obviously didn’t drop enough hints.  But it’s ok, the shop will still be up and functioning over the festive period so that you can treat yourself to something special.  Most businesses will be closed from Saturday 21st December until their return on Monday 6th January, and this is indeed true of Betty Blue’s Loungerie.  I only imagine everyone is recovering from the madness of the last few weeks.  I will however no doubt still post out parcels as and when I get orders through, I find it very difficult to have time off work!!  (Seriously what do other people do in their spare time?  I get bored of having time off, and their is only so much baking I can do!).
So I shall return in the New Year, where there will be HEAPS happening in January.  I’m not being dramatic, there really is loads happening in January for Betty Blue’s Loungerie.  So if I go off the radar for a while, I promise I’m not ignoring you all, I just will be extra extra busy bringing beautiful luxury loungewear to the masses.  Make sure you keep checking back in the new year for updates…………and perhaps a certain little January sale!  And a HUUUUGEEEE MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and have a fantastic new year!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx