Move over Dita Von Teese, there is a younger, paler but red headed girl on the scene!

I kid of course, no one could replace the beautiful Dita, but I have long been told about my resemblance to the Queen of Tease.  I never really used to understand why, but obviously it was a huge compliment.  I could see that we both have pale skin, wear red lipstick and I sometimes wear my hair 1940’s styley, but to me that is where the similarities ended.  Are people really that silly that they think anyone with mildly vintage looking hair, pale skin and red lippy look like Dita Von Teese?  Well that is what I thought, yes people really are that stupid………….until I took a trip to Iberian Black Arts for a makeover shoot/my latest product shoot.

I did of course do a blog post a few weeks ago about my decision to model which you can read here.  I previously worked with Morgana on my Uni final collection and more recently she modelled The Black Nell Robe, and she did a phenomenal job, so I knew was in good hands. 

Can you guess who my main inspiration was for my Uni Final Collection?

Having been a model herself she would be able to direct me into poses AND she is her own make up artist so she would be able to prettify me.  I had also seen her series of make over blogs which proved her credentials again.  This girl is a genius and I urge you to book her for a make over shoot as she will transform you into a princess!

So without further adooo, here are the results of the shoot, showcasing the new Tempest Bed Jacket, Babydoll and Brief set.

This is how I imagine my customers lounge around their houses, as do I of course 😉

Now can I just state I have not shown these shots to my Dad.  It was A LOT less see through in daylight!!!  But hey ho!  This set is inspired by the infamous Tempest Storm and Bettie Page Tease-o-rama video.  Tempest Storm wears a rather alluring basque set in varying transparencies of black mesh.  So using this as a starting point, I created a naughty little set to captivate and titillate like the great Ms Storm herself.  The whole set is rather nicely finished of with a ruffly trim that helps the skirt stick out and become all flirty and fun to cavort around in ;-).  Rather more daring than the last BBL babydoll set, The Bridgette Babydoll and Brief Set, but something truer to my lingerie roots (I studied Lingerie design at Uni).  It is made from a soft sheer black mesh and details include those fun ruffles and a giant bow over the bust on the Babydoll.  I am in talks with my factory about this lovely little item so more details on the price and date of arrival to come in the near future!  But if anyone is absolutely desperate to get their hands on one, just give me an email with your name and size and I will make sure one has your name on it when I do get them in 🙂

Some other of my shots as a model I have already released.  I updated the product picture of The Marilyn Rain Bonnet to be shown on a person, instead of on my trusty head stand Doris.

The Marilyn Rain Bonnet in Powder Pink.  Also available in Black.

This picture did indeed prompt more Dita Von Teese comparisons.  My new nickname is Red Dita :).  And it has given me an idea, I will happily dye my hair black and wear green contact lenses if someone wishes to sign me to a lookielike agency, I’m thinking there could be some money in this.  And if the price is right I will even take my clothes off, heck I already seem to have inadvertently done that in the above photos!  I do of course need a Dita wardrobe first, so please buy my loungewear here so I can afford designer shoes and dresses 😀

The final shots that were taken are of another brand new BBL item, The Hedy Teddy.  I named it after Hedy Lamarr, not because it was inspired by her vintage beauty, rather because it rhymes with teddy and made me giggle.

Buuuut I doubt the fashion industry has a sense of humour, they take themselves very seriously, so the official line is yes it was inspired by Hedy Lamarr ;-).

The Hedy Teddy is made of a gorgeously sumptuous stretch satin in baby blue.  It hugs to your every curve and also has an adjustable tie at the bust, so will fit an array of bust sizes.   I have VERY LIMITED amounts of this fabric so as yet I am unsure how many will be on sale, so when this goes up in the website, if you want one you had better not delay as I am pretty sure I won’t be able to get this colour fabric again.  I will of course let you know as and when I know when my factory will be making this.

So to round up this mammoth blogety post there are several things I have learnt about modelling.

1.  I am in fact a lot paler than I thought I was.
2.  I am a lot bigger than I think I am (years as a teenager of biatches telling me “do me a favour love, eat more” and that I look anorexic has given me somewhat of a complex.  Like people who think they look fat when they aren’t except the opposite, I am not in actual fact a skeleton.  I have some roundness to me.  Not my fault your fat bitchezzzz, keep your body issues to yourself!)
3.  Poses that look elegant and relaxed and comfortable, are in fact horrifically uncomfortable and do not at all make you feel elegant.
4.  There is a difference between ballet pointy toes and model pointy toes.  What my ballet teacher would think is excellent footwork is too pointy for modelling.
5. Modelling isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  It was actually quite enjoyable!
6.  I guess, if you squint, I kinda do look a bit like Dita Von Teese.

Lots of Love
Betty xxxx