With just one week until Mothering Sunday (10th March) have you sorted out an extra special gift for that extra special mummy in your life?  For once I am actually quite well prepared!  You see my mum has expressed an interest in one of my Luna 100% Silk scarves.  It’s out of pity for me (gotta show support and help my fledgling business), but she wants to buy one, the Summer Daisy print.  So what better to give her for Mother’s Day!  Saves me money and effort looking for a thoughtful original gift for her. 

In case you have no idea what this ‘Luna 100% Silk Scarf’ is, let me refresh your memories and tell you all about them!  This is what the product description says on my website:

I am honoured to announce that such a beautiful and talented lady, Luna DeLovely, has designed a limited edition set of silk scarves exclusive to the Betty Blue’s website. I, Betty, met Luna upon chance one day, in a luxury lingerie boutique, in London and we instantly hit it off talking about Burlesque, feathers and sparkly things.
Fortunately, Luna agreed to design a limited edition set of four individual silk scarves to adorn vintage ladies heads all around the world. Her inspiration came from vintage florals and she injected a modern touch by using colours that are set to big on the catwalks for A/W 11/12 and S/S 12.

Well the time has finally arrived for the final instalments of Luna’s beautiful 100% silk scarves.  Just in time for VLV 2012!!!

The third print in this four set is a cute Coral ditsy floral for Spring.  It is framed with a beautiful lilac that will be much apparent in Spring/Summer 2012.  Luna’s design, obviously, offering a unique twist on the “on trend” colours.

The fourth and final print in the series to be released is the Summer Daisy print.  A beautiful pastel pink concoction with a nostalgic feel.  Can’t you just imagine yourself wearing it with huge shades whilst cruising in a classic convertible!!  Or even for those bad hair days as a quick cover up whilst nipping to the shops – as Ms Monroe wore to help blend into the background when she wanted to go out undetected.

The first of the series winged their way to Betty Blue’s HQ back last September for A/W 2011/2012 – perfect to keep your noggin warm and rollers protected on a winter’s eve or to add a splash of colour to a winter tweet suit. 

The “Autumn” print is poppies of rusts and deep aubergines, evoking the colours of autumnal leaves.

The “Winter” print is a classic British Rose set in a warm purple border and the cheery polka dot background will help cheer up a dreary winter day.

What you may not know is that only eight were made in each print to ensure exclusivity of design, so if you buy one, only 7 other people in the world will have the exact same scarf (Luna and myself being two of those 7 people as we have one each in each print).  So chances are you won’t bump into anyone with the same special little silk scarf!

They were also printed, onto 100% silk chiffon, right here in the UK.  I am of course an advocate of British manufacturing so they had to be printed here really!  So as with all my products you are helping us Brits out, trying to make a living!  So big pat on the back for you, for doing good!  To add to the specialness of this exclusive scarf, the edges have been hand turned (by Mama Blue’s!) just as all expensive silk scarves should be, and is a little nod to our ‘Vintage’ counterparts.

From my product description page and gallery, it is a little hard to see the beauty of these scarves.  I have now photographed the scarves on a plain background to try and show you just how beautiful they are………….well I tried but they slipped around like a bitch!  But here are the photos none the less.

Winter Rose
Autumn Poppy
Ditsy Floral
Summer Daisy

Seeeee I did a pretty bad job of trying to get them all straight and flat.  But I think it helps to show the liquidity of the fabric and fluid floatyness.  They are just so dreamy!  I then bunched them together to try and show the texture more.

You can see a little better the transparency and floaty nature of these silk beauties.  But because I am a little rubbish at photography you will just have to take my word for how gorgeous they are.  Better still buy one to see it for yourself!

Each scarf comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed inside a display box to keep it in, which ensures those pesky moths won’t get to the silk!  So if your mum needs cheering up and truly spoiling this Mothering Sunday, go on treat her!!!  Get yours here!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S.  Although I would never admit it, I actually prefer my silk Luna scarves to the ‘Marilyn’ scarf that I also sell.  There is something so luxurious about silk and it ensures my hair stays nice and flat when I sleep at night with rollers in. 

P.P.S.  Did you know that silk is actually magic?  It keeps you warm in the winter and oddly enough cool in the summer!  Weird non?!

P.P.P.S. Unsure how to wear your Luna 100% Silk Scarf?  On the product page is a video of lots of different ways to wear one!  Go to it here.