On 16th September my business, Betty Blue’s Loungerie, will be 1 years old.  The day before however will be my two sausage dog’s 3rd Birthday.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my two little doggies.  I was even dog owner of the week over on Poodles and Pompadours blog in June of this year.  So I thought (as it’s a slow news week) I would introduce you to my babies.

These are my little uns on their first day at my house.  The speckly silvery one on the left is Frank and the black and tan on the right is Tess.  This is when they were all ikkle and cute and had not yet developed their sausage noses.

Before long the had all grown up and we were celebrating their 1st Birthday!  I made them a special doggy cake with all their favourite food in.  They wolfed it down – much better than horrid dry doggie biscuits!

The seasons came and went and they enjoyed dressing up as a little devil (Frank) and a witch (Tessie).  I never thought I would be one of those people who dresses their dog up………..BUT LOOK HOW AWESOME THEY LOOK!!!!!!  Haha.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing.  There were a couple of run ins with sleeves.  The two above are both Frank, but Tess did get stuck down a snuggie sleeve but I don’t have a pic.  She was so wedged in, for a while we thought we may have to cut her out.  We eventually pulled her out backwards, silly sausage!!!

Most of the time they can be found sitting on my lap.  When I’m answering your emails or on the phone, they are usually on my lap having cuddles.  They regularly have objected to something or someone passing my house whilst I am on the phone and I’ve had to appologise for the noise!  Hmmmm I wonder how many people think it’s weird there’s a dog in the office, I do work from home!

Name: Frank
Nicknames: Fronk, Fronkers, Bonkers Fronkers, Sausage, Faufage, Faufage Monster, Frankie, Puppy.
Favourite Food: Bananna (he will literally kill for banannas!) and Chicken
Favourite Person: Betty
Favourite Toy: His critter because it has a squeeker in

Frank is a mammas boy.  He follows me around begging for cuddles.  If I don’t notice that he wants a cuddle he barks at me, just one high pitched woof.  It’s particularly frightening when I haven’t noticed he’s in the room and always scares the life out of me.  He is my bestest friend and I love him lots :).

Name: Tess
Nicknames: Tessie, Tessie Pops, Popsie, Tettie, Princess, Princess Tess, Puppy.
Favourite Food: Chicken, anything that’s not dog food.
Favourite Person: My Dad
Favourite Toy: Her brother Frank (she likes to beat him up)

Tessie rules the roost.  She can stop my other dogs dead in their track with just one look.  She likes cashmere – in particular my jumpers!  I have often found her curled up asleep in my jumpers!  She prefers my Dad to cuddle her, I think it’s because he feeds her ;-).

One of the things I love to do with my puppies is to take pictures of them in funny positions, mainly when they are asleep.  Cracks me up!

So those are my two little babies, I hope you enjoyed learning about them.  I shall leave you with an informal picture of myself and my little uns doing what they do best – giving me kisses.

I shall be celebrating their birthday by again baking them a doggie friendly cake, so you may see some piccies up on twitter/facebook – so if you don’t follow me head on over and click ‘like’ on facebook and follow @bbloungerie.

Lots of Love