Goooooood afternoon all (or morning if you are on foreign shores).  I have just had the first picture of the new and improved Nell Robe back from the wonderful Iberian Black Arts, so as promised I am popping it up on my website for you all to be able to pre-order it!

I know it is pretty impossible to think, but it is back and even better than before.  100 times more luxurious, 100 times more sumptuous and 100 times more alluring.  So without further ado her she is in all her glory.

She is now made in a beautiful stretch satin that drapes around your curves, emphasizing every womanly feature.  The lace is now a stunning corded lace that is based on a vintage design, concealing and revealing in just the right amount to create that certain oo la la.

To add, some of you lovely ladies missed out on owning one of these beauties last time because I did not stock your size.  Well as I have been steadily growing as a brand, thanks to my lovely customers, I am now adding the sizes X Small and X Large, so even more bevvies of beauties can be seen strutting their stuff!!

Of course you may already know, but I recently invested in Betty Blue’s Loungerie branded boxes.  So your Nell Robe will come safely tucked up in luxurious tissue paper in your very own box (as all orders now do :)).

The only drawback is that the production slot is end of August/beginning of September, so for a few months you will have to wait with bated breath.  This is because my factory is SO in demand!  They have actually had to turn new customers away because they are so busy!  I think thanks to you the tide is finally turning on British manufactured goods.  Instead of people thinking of it as a luxury, fingers crossed UK manufacturing may be seeing a turn for the better.  The recent tragedy in a Bangladeshi factory has helped highlight international manufacturing issues; and buying British is not only the ethical choice, but is helping us little independent companies to grow in this tough economic time.  So as will all my garments, you are assured this awesome little robe is 100% made in the UK (actually this particular one is made in London!).

So you want to secure your own slice of robe heaven from this production run?   Well now you can!!!  Just head on over to my website to pre-order yours!!!  This is a continuous items so it will be made from now on in bulk so people can buy it all year round, but as I stated above my factory is in demand so there may be a few months in between production runs.  So don’t delay in pre-ordering or else you may have to wait longer than September, quel horror!!!  Payed for in full, I will then print out your order and make up your box so that as soon as I get these glorious robes into my office late Aug/early September, I can just slip it in the box, wrap it up and post it out to you, quick as can be.  Nearer the time I will be able to give you more of a precise delivery date, I just wanted to get these up on my website ASAP as I know there are A LOT of you desperate to get your delicately gloved little hands on one.  So get yours HERE!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S. Back view image will be coming to me a little later, I just put a rush on the front view so I had an image of the robe for you :).