I am very excited about this new product!  I LOVE it and I am hoping you will too.  When I found the fabric, I just knew I had to make something in it.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  Let’s take it back to the inspiration for the beauty that is The Bettie Robe.

When I think of leopard print, Bettie Page immediately springs to my mind.  Many a Bettie photoshoot sees her clad in some sort of leopard print outfit.  Perhaps this is where I got my love of leopard print from?  And perhaps this is why current pin-up girls have a love affair with leopard print?  All I know is that there is something very alluring and exciting about a beautiful little leopard print outfit.

Leopard print also has a very luxurious feel to it.  Imagine draping yourself in nothing but a fur stole (fake of course as Leopards are an endangered species!).  Our dear Ms Page does an excellent job of draping herself luxuriously in leopard print in the picture to our left here.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are some horrible crimes against leopard print.  If done the wrong way it can look cheap and nasty, like something a woman of the night may wear.  That is why I was so excited when I stumbled upon the PERFECT leopard print fabric.  A crepe de chine that drapes perfectly around ones curves and feels oh so soft to the touch.

So without further ado, may I introduce the Bettie Robe

There’s a reason I look so smug in this picture.  You see that, my friends, is the PERFECT leopard print fabric.  So perfect that I made the shop I bought it from recall all the rolls of it from their shops around the country, because I had to have it all!!  Unfortunately this does mean that I can only do one run of production of this robe in this certain fabric.  So if it sells well, which I am hoping it will, I can’t have any more made.

So I am smug because this robe in the picture, is mine 😀 yaaaaay!!  These pictures were shot at the same time as the new Cotton Candy Tempset Set, at Iberian Black Arts.  The delectable Morgana, doing a fantastic job of my hair and make-up.  And in the above picture I was joined by her adorable kitty cat Onyx.  Obviously Onyx thought I was a giant cat in all that leopard print ;).  I think Onyx has modelling potential!  What do you think 😉 teehee.

So now a little description of this beauty.  This is a floor length robe, in a beautiful crepe de chine fabric (a little like satin).  It is a wrap around style so you can cinch it in for an hourglass figure, or let it out if you’ve eaten a little too much cake ;).  The sleeves are fabulously poofy, giving you the perfect 1940’s aesthetic.  Slink around in style in this little delight!  And what will it set you back?  A mere £175!  Cheap for the luxury and scarcity of this perfect leopard print robe!
I am already scouring the world for a similar fabric at a similar price, so that if this does sell well (which I’m hoping it will!), I can have more made.  My search is taking me to Paris in a few day’s time, to an international fabric show.  At least one country in the whole wide world must have something similar, right?!?!  
I cannot describe to you how fabulous this robe makes you feel.  If you loved the Black Nell Robe, you will love this Bettie Robe!  You may thank me when it drops on your doormat, but I’m just doing my job – bringing glamorous loungewear to the people of the world.  And when will I be getting these in?  Well my factory will have completed them by tomorrow (11th Jan), but realistically I will have them at the beginning of next week (14th Jan onwards as I have to arrange pick up of said robes).  Keep checking your inboxes for the newsletter and my website for further details of when you can get your hands on one ;).
Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S in my research of Bettie Page leopard print photos I found this picture……

Spookily like my new Cotton Candy Tempest Bed Jacket non?!  Must be something in the name ‘Betty’ that exudes good taste 😉 teehee