I don’t often feature other small businesses in my blog – not sure why, but it is something I should really do more often!  Well today I want to tell you all about an old school friend of mine who also runs her own business, and like me is trying to earn an honest crust in this boring old recession.

Nikki and I went to senior school together (high school to the Americans amongst us).  We often talked about running our own business in the boredom that was our GCSE textiles class.  Well *cough* ten years (man that makes me feel old)*cough* later and here we both are, running our own businesses!


Nikki went to Uni in Portsmouth and studied Fashion and Textiles Enterprise.  Since Graduating she has won lots of textiley print competitions, her printed items have been sold in places like ASOS and Topshop and she has had a stream of freelance work to keep her nice and busy.  Her distinctive style has been a hit with the fashion pack, her signature being brightly coloured abstract type prints.


Recently she has had some rather lovely I Phone cases printed to a very high standard.  At £14.99 a case, they would make an excellent stocking filler for any arty, trendy, creative type friends you may have.  (I keep telling her she needs to up her prices considerably but she won’t listen to me).  A bargain considering they are limited edition, better quality than much more expensive household labels and a unique print.


If only I had an I Phone!!  My favourite has to be the rather kitsch “Hawaii” print!  Just imagine a Carmen Miranda type outfit, bamboo handled handbag and you pulling out your I Phone with the gorgeous tropical type print on it ;).  Well perhaps if you don’t have an I Phone then you may like her Christmas Cards!!!

Aren’t they amazing!  I’m a firm believer of buying from small independant companies this Christmas, it helps other young people and gives your loved ones a unique present.  It will also make you feel all fuzzy and nice inside because you are supporting someone trying to earn a decent living, instead of lining tax avoiding corporate types pockets!!  So go and buy something from either her website, etsy shop or Society 6.  Then pat yourself on the back for being a good person and go to my website and buy something for yourself as a treat 😉 here.

Anhoo apart from being an amazing print designer, Nikki is also my ‘Charity Shop Good Luck Charm’.  The last time I went charity shop shopping with her, I picked up these amazing bargains.  I’ve been back to the same charity shop since, without Nikki, and not found anything as exciting.  So when we met up last week for a good old chin wag, naturally we popped in to see if there were any bargains.

The faux fur coat you see is the amazing find, the damage to my purse?  A mere £10!  It was a bit of an impulse buy as I had just bought myself a rather lovely buttermilk, 50’s wollen swing coat for this winter (and many more to come!).  But how could I not buy it when it was only a tenner and fits like a glove?!

The above piccy is my new winter coat.  Slightly more expensive than £10 but I love it all the same.  Anyway, Nikki is now coming with me EVERY time I go to a charity shop so I can find more bargainous pretty vintage things :).

Until next blog post, make sure you take a look at Nikki’s prints, even if they are not your style (not being particularly vintagy) I’m sure you know someone who will love her stuff.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx