So Jubilee fever is well and truly upon us Brits at the moment.  Everywhere you go you can see Union Jack bunting strung up and because of the heat wave we are experiencing everyone seems to be in a much better mood.  I have been baking at home!!  As in I am a very sweaty Betty, not the cooking kind of baking.  So when I saw a tweet from Hendricks Gin about their Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic Sorbet being sold at an event they were at in Brighton, I knew I had to make my own!

Gin and Tonic has long been the preferred tipple of many a Brit.  The origin lies in the fact that the main ingredient in tonic water, quinine, fends off the nasty bug malaria.  Back in the days of the British Empire, us Brits were dropping down from malaria left right and centre in the East.  Tonic water on its own is an acquired taste and there was difficulty getting down the necks of the Brits out in the East.  The love affair of us Brits and Gin goes way back.  In the olden days it was often safer to drink than water and cheaper than beer, which was taxed.  In 1750 11 million gallons of Gin was consumed in London alone.  So Gin was a natural choice to add to tonic and thus the Gin and Tonic was born.  It was a perfect match.  A slice of citrus fruit such as lime or lemon was also added to the mix to prevent scurvy.

I can often be seen enjoying a Gin and Tonic as my preferred drink at the pub, or on a hot day.  It’s patriotic right?!  So I have to drink it ;).  And recently my very glam 92 year old Great Aunt let me into her little secret, in her youth she also enjoyed a G&T.  It was always her drink of choice until a friend introduced her to a Dry Martini…………a little strong perhaps for a frequent drink but I may have to try a Dry Martini on her recommendation 😉

So for my version of Gin and Tonic Sorbet here are my ingredients and method:

You will need:
Your preferred Gin – I had Gordon’s Gin lying around but I do also love Hendrick’s!
Tonic Water – I found these handy little bottles in my supermarket, a big bottle often goes flat so the little ones prevent that happening as they are just the right portion.
A Tupperware box
Cling Film
A freezer


Using a glass pour out a Gin and Tonic to your preferred strength.  Cover the bottom of a tupperware box in clingfilm (I did this so it came out of the box more easily when I came to remove it).

Pour the mixed Gin and Tonic into your cling filmed tupperware box.  Repeat until box is around 2/3 full (it will expand slightly when frozen so don’t fill up to top!).


Put into your freezer, preferably flat or as flat as possible.  Leave overnight to freeze.

The following day take it out and serve!  And it is as simple as that!!

Delicious and really refreshing on a hot summers day.

Let it melt a little and you can enjoy it as a drink, a sort of slushy, or let it set like I did and eat it as a sorbet.  You could also try adding slices of lemons or limes to the mix to infuse whilst freezing, but I added my slice on the side.  You could also make them into Lolly’s with one of those freezer moulds, or make ice cubes out of it to put in your G&T drink.  The possibilities are endless!!!  I really don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

I hope you enjoy your own G&T Sorbet, perhaps you can make it for the Jubilee celebrations – you kind of have to as it is patriotic 😉

Betty xxx