Hello lovely readers, long time no talk.  A little offer and update for you.  In just about a months time I will be going on holiday for the first time in three years.  It will also be the first time since I started Betty Blue’s Loungerie that I am going on holiday so no doubt will feel really really weird!  So in order to let my hair down fully and REALLY have a good time, I am going to need a little spending money.  Therefore I am letting you all buy some peachy good items at a knock down price.

Peach Bettie Robe

Peach Satin Bettie Robe

This glamorous 1940’s style robe in peach satin used to be £235………………….NOW JUST £85!!!!  You just can’t say no to that.  It is the perfect weight for that in between season weather, and will make you feel oh so sophisticated slinking around the house.  I cannot describe to you how fabulous this robe makes you feel; instant Hollywood Starlet status.

Peach Satin Bettie Pyjama Shirt and Trousers

Peach Satin Bettie Pyjama Shirt and Trousers

Modelled by yours truley, the next bargain up for offer are these beautiful peachy pyjamas.  The shirt was £85…………….NOW JUST £35!!!!!  And the trousers were £95………………..NOW JUST £40!!!!!  Again how can you say no to that discount!

Imagine buying the pyjama set AND the robe.  Not only will you feel fabulous in them, but you will have saved a staggering £255.  Think of all the extra things you could treat yourself to with a spare £255 floating around ;).  Now this offer is only available through my website so head on over by clicking HERE.  As with all sale items they are non refundable.  You may swap sizes if they aren’t a perfect fit, or alternatively store credit will be given for future awesome loungerie purchases.  Happy shopping people!!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx