You may remember that over Christmas myself and a few other awesome lingerie companies ran a Lingerie Secret Santa.  It was designed to make you think a little outside the box when gifting at Christmas and to encourage you all to buy from independent companies, not only because it is the ethical choice, but also as a way to get your loved ones a really individual and awesome gift.  You can read all about the scheme by CLICKING HERE.  Well you saw what I gifted (THIS little beauty), but you haven’t seen what I received……………………until now!  And as an added bonus it is just in time to give you a little inspiration on what to buy as a present for Valentine’s Day.

Isn' class=

Isn’t the packaging just SO cute!

Previously Chicago is a company run by Elide Endreson who yes you guessed it, resides in Chicago.  On her blog, this is how she describes how Previously came about:

“A few years ago I acquired a pair of vintage garters. I loved their simplicity and sophistication. They didn’t feel overdone or bulky and I marveled at their construction. I wondered why garters weren’t made like this anymore. As with many things that I find that are no longer made, they seemed to be  constructed with thought and intention, from a time when things were less disposable. However, most vintage garters have lost all their stretch over time, making them unwearable. So, last August I went to see a man about a sewing machine.”

An about the beautiful packaging my present came in:

“Garters were often sold in boxed sets in the 1920’s, and this was my inspiration for this series.”

And you know your garters are going to fit perfectly and look amazing because:

“Through much research and trial and error, garters from Previously are constructed using the same technique as vintage garters from the 1920’s.”

So that is a little about the company, now for a picture fest of my wonderful gift.






Gift box number 1

Gift box number 1

Previously Chicago

I cannot describe to you how beautifully made these little gloves and the garter are made.  The little ribbon flowers are individually hand made and sewn and are just exquisite.  They really add a pop of colour on the contrasting black net and satin.  And to top it all off the garter is fully lined so you can be sure that it won’t budge when you are wearing it.  I even love the fact that the box has too been lined in a satin fabric to really add that extra touch of luxury.  As if this wasn’t a gorgeous enough gift I had another box of goodies too.

Gift box number 2

Gift box number 2

Now I have to admit thinking ‘how the feck am I supposed to fit that skirt around my waist?!’, but no!  It is too a garter skirt type thing, or a ‘girt’ as I like to think it is called.  I just love the fabric used, such a dainty silk chiffon with ditsy floral, really really beautiful.  Again the garters are lined to stop slippage whilst wearing and I love the feminine bows as a decoration.  The attention to detail on these garters is just amazing.

I can’t recommend Previously Chicago enough.  All the little details are so special and beautiful to behold they are the perfect gift for perhaps a bride to be, or even for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.  So go and show Elide some love over on her Etsy shop, where you can buy from her range, or have your own special item made to order.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

With Love
Betty xxx