There are some times when I’m not at all that proud to say that I am British.  We tend to have a terrible reputation in places such as Spain, Lanzarote and Ibiza, to name but a few, as sunburnt larger louts.  Where “ladies” go out with belts on that they would call a skirt and shaven headed “gentlemen” spit, swear and pee in the street.  So to admit I am British and risk being lumped in with the few who can’t behave when abroad, doesn’t fill me with much pride.  However, as a company which was set up and trades from the UK, there are many reasons I am proud to be British and have embraced my Britishness.

Last night I was inspired to write this post when I was watching the nightly news.  There has been much talk in the press recently about the doom and gloom that is the British economy, and how to kick start it again.  In particular the plight of a British man sparked a reaction in me of how I can do more to help.  This man had started his own printing company in the 80’s at the height of the last major recession.  His company had seen good economic times, as well as bad economic times.  This current recession however, is like nothing that he has seen before.  People are looking for cheaper solutions, which is perhaps pushing business elsewhere – i.e. abroad.

So what has this got to do with Betty Blue’s and how does Betty Blue’s help the economic situation in the UK?  Well when I started up Betty Blue’s Loungerie, I was adamant that I wanted to manufacture in the UK and if at all possible source most of my fabrics and components here if I could.  So here is an example of how I am trying to help my country.

I use a fabulous factory in the depths of the Valleys in Wales, to make my garments.  Not only does this make it easier to make sure that the quality of your BB’s Loungerie is perfect; it also means that I am helping to sustain the wages of a team of highly skilled workers.  The factory has roughly 45 workers throughout the team, each with families of varying sizes.  Let’s say, for arguments sake, that each of those 45 workers has another 3 members to their families.  This means that by buying from Betty Blue’s Loungerie, you are playing your part in supporting 180 people’s livelihoods in the UK.  And this is just using the example of one company that I use from the UK.

If you count all the other fabric, printing, haberdashery, accounting, event and packaging companies that I have used to date, the number of people’s lives that you are helping increases even more.

So to sum up, Betty Blue’s needs you! 

Every time you buy something from my website, not only do you get a fabulous new lounging outfit to make you feel like the Hollywood star you are, you are also supporting a whole chain of UK businesses, workers and ultimately their families.  That in turn helps our countries economy.  Isn’t that just lovely!  Betty Blue’s – single handedly helping make the UK a better place to live!…….Well a little exaggeration but you get the gist.

And for those of you who don’t live in the UK, who aren’t so bothered about the Welsh workers and their families (shame on you!).  Think of the delicious parcel wrapped up just for you, made with love, care and attention detail.  Imagine the softest fabrics and prettiest trimmings sweeping softly against your skin.  And the look of awe when you open the door to the postman/milkman/fancy man/gardner or whoever, in your finest Betty Blue’s Loungerie!  Now how can you resist buying something?  Get it here!

If you live and run a business from the UK – maybe think next time you outsource a skill as it is cheaper abroad.  Think about the people’s lives you are affecting and how you can do your bit to help.

Lots of Love
Betty xxxx