This is purely a post to show off, so I apologise in advance.  Last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to a reception to celebrate small businesses…………………AT NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET!!!!!!  Who would have thought that little old me would be invited inside number 10!  Some prominent business people don’t get that honour!

It was of course as a result of taking part in the Conservative Party run competition The Start Up Hub last October (which I won whooop).  All the finalists were invited and it was lovely to catch up with everybody to see how they had progressed in the last few months.  (One guy had just been bought a brand new Audi as a present from his investors, well jel!!!)

We had to leave our phones in the reception room, so there are no photos of the evening.  Needless to say it was very opulent through that front door.  High ceilings, ornate picture frames and paintings of past great leaders.  We were ushered through the building around and downstairs, and out into the garden.  On the way I passed a huge globe that reminded me of those globes that have drinks inside – I’m not sure this one had drinks in, but I like to think it would as it was so big it could certainly hold a good selection of cocktail spirits!  Anyway the garden courtyard out the back was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, the telly makes it look a lot bigger.  But it had a nice private feel to it with the high walls, hard to believe we were in central London.

As we arrived the guests were offered red or white wine or a soft drink.  Dave!!!  Where’s the champers!!!!  I suppose it was appropriate as people may complain if the spread layed on was too ostentatious in these times of austerity.  But having waiting staff certainly made me feel special.  I was glad to see someone I knew when I walked onto the grass as there were lots of very important people milling around.  I was slightly alarmed to be talking to a big wig from Loyd’s bank in the queue outside, especially when his friend from RBS turned up.  Fish out of water slightly sprang to mind.  So seeing some of the other Start Up Hub people was nice and reassuring.

I got talking to a few people I knew and also talked to James Caan of Dragon’s Den, ooooo eeeerrr.  I also spotted Karren Brady, (I thrust one of my product postcards into her hand) but she was too busy to talk.  There were speeches from the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, and of course a motivational speech from the PM himself.  I like to think he was talking about my business when he said that Britain’s economic future will be fuelled by us SME’s………….but seeing as Loyd’s and RBS was there I somehow think my little company will have any great impact haha.  Well one day maybe I will be able to employ someone!  I also spotted George Osborne milling around in the crowd.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet David Cameron, darn!  I was so sure I could convince him to buy something for Sam Cam!  But none the less I had a lovely few hours and made lots of new acquaintances.  And I had a brilliant chat with the MP who invented The Start Up Hub competition, Damian Collins.  What a lovely chap!  And he works closely with UKFT so knew a little about the fashion/lingerie industry.  I shall leave you all with the one photo that I did manage to take.

My parents are so proud they are considering using this as our Christmas card this year, just to show off of course!  And so that concludes one of the most exciting and surreal days of my life.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx