Sorry for the lack of blog posts this month, but I have been a busy little bee.  I have been putting off and putting off sorting out production of the Black Nell Robe which sold out pretty quickly the last time that I put it into production.  So at the beginning of this month I made a concerted effort and sat down to sort out the pattern, fabrics and production.  So hence the quietness this month (plus I had man flu so was out of action for about a week, oh woe is me!).

So update on the Nell Robe.  I know you all love it and want it back asap…..but with various problems with production it is going to be a little while longer before you can get your glamorous mitts on it.  I have the production slot booked……………….but I’m afraid it’s not booked until end of August/beginning of September.  As I produce in small quantities (compared with other established brands) they have said that if they can slot me in before they will try.  But we are talking about an in demand factory here; I have it on good authority that they have turned down new customers as they are so busy at the moment.  So if one wants the best, one is going to have to wait.  To put myself in the safe zone, I will say that they are due September 2013.  Here is a sneaky peek at what the new (and improved) version looks like:

It is with the beautiful Morgana at the moment waiting to be photographed in all its glory.  Once I have the images and have worked out the RRP, I will pop it up ont website so you can pre order your very own robe!

But anyhoo on to the subject of this blog post.  This summer I will be taking part in the catwalk show at the Americana International Show.  Americana International Show is a celebration of all things American right here in the UK.  It is being held from 11th July – 15th July in Winthorpe (nr. Newark) Nottinghamshire.  The fashion show itself is only on the Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July from 2:30pm – 4:30pm.  There will also be a whole host of other awesome brands taking part.

I will be bringing all my lovely items which you can see on my website at the moment, along with a few new additions which are part of my Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 collections.  So come along to see the debut of the BRAND NEW ITEMS!!!  You can see them in person and try them on for size, and if you’re really lucky I may even let you pre order some of the new items.  I will bring with me some stock also so you can take away on the day a glam little outfit, should you wish.  Nearer the time I will tweet and facebook and all that jazz about the event, just note it down in your diary for now and get your tickets organised.  I can’t wait to meet some of the other brands I have not met before and all of the fabulous models which have been booked.  It is sure to be a big girlie get together!

Anyway I’m off to nag suppliers about this Nell Robe!  I will try and blog more in May (I have a photoshoot booked) I promise.

Lots of Love
Betty xxx