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Have a glamorous Halloween!

Well now that we have discovered Pinterest (see previous post about AW14 inspiration) we have gone a little mad here at Blue's HQ.  Halloween can be a tacky, dare I say it 'Americanised' festival, so we thought we would trawl the internet for you to bring you some classy and glamorous Halloween ideas..........of course including a few BBL items for costumes.[...]

Become one of Betty's "Belles"

Goodness!  Where does the time go?  Our new look website and sister website www.betty-bridal.com has been up and running and open for business for almost three whole weeks now.  So it would probably be a good time to explain a few minor changes to our philosophy. Our newsletter is going to be more regular than it has in the past.  We hope to keep you [...]

Betty Bridal - The Nell Teddy

So two weeks seems to have passed by since I last blogged about the new Bridal range, this can only mean one thing - production issues.  Alas September has swung around and I am without my AW14 collections.  I am assured they are on the way, but what with Holidays and glitches with not enough fabric, it may be a couple of weeks yet.  But of course I shall le[...]