So my online presence has been around for a couple of months now with lots of lovely people following me on twitter and keeping up to date with this blog as well as facebook, but to the general public I am still largely unknown.  So what better way to launch my retro/vintage style brand than at the Goodwood Revival event, that specialises not only in classic and vintage cars (for the chaps), but vintage styled fashion and all sorts (for the ladies).  I set myself this challange of launching my brand at the Goodwood Revival back in April/May time and have been working away ever since to try and get my garments made in time.

Well I did it by the skin of my teeth!  The last stock due I received very early in the morning on the Friday, the morning of my launch!!  My friend/intern, Alice, and I were frantically sewing on buttons before the general public were let loose on the Goodwood tracks.  To save babbling on and on I will now illustrate the fantastic weekend I had through some of the pictures that were taken!

Alice and I arrived to set up camp and then to our delight dinner (pasta and pesto) and a show! (the air craft in the background!)  I was clearly very happy about this 🙂
Our tent which was all snuggly and cosy………..until it rained
On our first night we had a run in with two spiders – the first was little and Alice was very brave and dealt with it.  The second WAS HUUUUUUUGE!!!  No exaggeration!!!!  And it was blocking our way out of the tent so we couldn’t escape!   After much screaming and laughing at us from the other tent in our party, I finally escaped and found a very kind man in the caravan next door to remove it for us 🙂 THANKS!!  We learnt from this and didn’t leave the door open like the above pic again!
This is me cooking my breakfast VERY early in the morning – you can just see Tigz in her onesie in the background teehee.  Cooking brekkie didn’t last long – I favoured the lie ins!
After a very early breakfast, the first day of officially being a real brand started with panic sewing which Alice elected to do…….she may be my friend but she is an intern after all ;-p
I think this photo looks like a Russian washer woman sewing by the side of the road teehee – a comment not appreciated by Alice ;-p
Then the buzz about Betty Blue’s started to get going, which included a visit by a man who writes/takes pics for the News of the World group.  I’m trying to chase this up to see if I made the Nationals on my first day of official trading :D, wouldn’t that be awesome!!  Anyone read any such papers and spot us?  I do hope they used the pics somewhere!!
This man made me pose in a very strange position!  You can almost see the confusion on my face.  But it starred the soon to be best seller, the Nell robe, which has a long waiting list for it now 🙂 are you on it?
Then the Goodwood press man turned up along with the lovely ladies who I did a sewing course with at The Textiles Space and we all posed in our home made dresses………apart from me who had completely forgotten.  We also enjoyed a glass or two of pink bubbly to celebrate my launch 🙂 and what a lovely bunch of ladies to celebrate with!!  Thanks ladies!!!
I think they tried to hide me so they wouldn’t see that I didn’t wear my dress teehee
After having a little too much champers, I spotted Mr Alan Titchmarsh in the crowd, so naturally I had to tell him that (and I quote) “I know a girl who used to live next door to you in Alton!  She used to nearly run you over when you were out jogging in your tiny shorts”………I don’t know which was more frightening, me telling him I knew where he lived, or the thought of Alan Titchmarsh’s really short shorts.  I should have got a picture with Mr Titchmarsh but honestly I think he was trying to run away from me haha.  This is my glee at meeting Alan Titchmarsh and scaring him oops!
Note to self, lay off the champers (I am wearing the “Winter” Luna Silk Head Scarf)
On the second day I started the day wearing a dress but soon changed into one of my Rita Siren Suits as the weather turned rather nasty.  My old old friend (from primary school), Alex, also popped in to help me out and she too wore a Rita Siren Suit to keep warm!
I also teamed my Moss Green Siren Suit with the Black Marilyn Head Scarf.  Alex is wearing the suit in Black.
One of the perks of the job is to road test products to make sure they work properly, and Alex and I can attest to their snuggly warmness!!!  In fact a photo was caught of the lovely Tigz borrowing my fur coat and me in my Siren Suit…….I like to think I was the warmest 😉
Fur VS Rita….who won?!
By this time I was getting very tired so not many more photos were taken.  So that brings me to the end of the photos I have for now – hopefully I will get more from other people and will be able to share them on facebook or here on my blog.  I will leave you with a gorgeous pic of Tigz doing her best model impression
Wearing a Viv of Holloway dress (we made friends over pink fizz with the Viv of Holloway  girls who are all very lovely :))
and a sneaky picture of a lady wearing the most beautiful outfit 🙂
I want to own this outfit!  Such a style inspiration 🙂 although she must have been freezing
I hope you enjoyed my quick roundup of the Goodwood weekend, did I meet you there?  I had loads of fun meeting lots of like minded people and bringing beautiful garments for lounging in to a whole new audience.
Lots of Love
Betty xxx