Good Morning everyone!!!  The long awaited first item at Betty Blue’s
The Marilyn Headscarf
Inspired by one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, this classic head scarf will add a little bit of glamour and gorgeousness to your life. Intended for use whilst setting your hair in rollers, this scarf will protect your hair from getting all frizzy and messed up at night; but still make you look like the beautiful goddess you are. Alternatively wear whilst cruising along in your vintage convertible and turn every man’s head in the vicinity. Each scarf has 54 hand placed bows stitched on to the softest, most luxurious tulle Betty could find. Available in Powder Pink, for the girlie girls out there, or Classic Black, for the temptresses amongst you. Proud to support the British fashion industry this outfit is 100% Made in the UK by a team of hard working gals and guys!
£40 plus £5.00 P&P. To add your name to a waiting list please email me at:
State your name, address and colour choice and I will e-mail you an invoice so that when these babies hit my desk you will be the first people IN THE WORLD to receive one, beautifully gift wrapped just for you in a lovely gift box.
Betty xxxxx