In the modern era it is often easy to forget the lovely fluttery feeling one gets in the pit of ones tummy, when opening up hand written love letters.  The fact that someone has taken the time to put pen to paper is such a lovely thought in the modern world of texting and emails.  Somehow it’s not quite the same thing opening up an email!  Of course before computers even existed in their most basic form, love letters were de rigueur of the times.  Many a courtship was had over love letters, especially during the 1940’s when men would often be shipped off to war.  This is exactly what has inspired our Valentine’s Competition this year.

When Betty’s uncle passed away a few years ago, whilst clearing his house, she discovered her Grandma had kept her 1940’s love letters from her new husband, Betty’s Grandpa, Maurice.  The letters were written in the time just before and after their first child, and Betty’s Uncle, was born.  It was so lovely to see the anticipation in the letters of the tiny bundle of joy that was soon on it’s way.  Maurice you see was away in Coventry working in an Airplane factory and couldn’t be with his new wife Joan.  Joan was resident in the Bromley and Chislehurst Maternity Home – can you imagine, you’re chucked out the same day nowadays!  So the only form of communication they had at this exciting time for the couple was letters.

Love Letters Competition Betty Blues Loungewear

Here is just one of the delightful letters.  You really get the sense of the awe and wonder of a new mother and her little ‘cherub’, and the longing that they could, all three of, them be together.

“My dearest Maurice,

                I thought I would write to you early in case anyone is going out this morning (just had to stop for temperatures).  Isn’t it an unearthly hour.  Tea at 5 A.M, babies at 5:30.  I had quite a good night although there was quite a lot of activity on the corridor.  One infant was born.

                I expect you are very tired this morning, I do hate you going darling but I must think of what you say “We could be far worse off” and I’m going to hurry up and find my feet so that I can soon be back with you.  Please try to come on your own next Sunday darling as it is the only time I shall see you in the week.

                Isn’t it marvellous having a baby of our own darling?  I am so terribly happy about it, especially as he looks so much like his daddy.  I was so glad you were able to see him when he was so very young, (nearly two hours old) and believe me it was the greatest comfort ever to know you were near me.  Nurse has just said he did very well this morning, I don’t know what he had been having on the quiet, but he seemed to have an appetite – (Stop for breakfast).  It is now exactly ten to eight – Peter has now reached the grand old age of three days.  He eyed me up and down this morning as to say “so you’re my mum” the awful monster that gave me the spanking last night, well I suppose I better get down to it or I shall get another one.  But he is a cherub though darling – I have always liked things little and good.

                Darling I do hope you will have a good rest this week.  You look so tired and I know you must be.  It is an ordeal isn’t it and you have done such a lot of running about but now dear there is nothing to worry about, we are both doing fine (doesn’t that sound strange –we!) and we are going to hurry up to be “we three”.  Thank you ever so much darling for all you have done and for all the nice things you have bought me.  I still have Billy Bunny tucked away in my locker – Peters green eyed monster.

                We are just going to have the room cleaned – that means a bit of pushing about so I will say bye – bye just for now.

                Well darling, please don’t worry and do look after yourself and eat well.

                All my love and kisses darling and a great big cuddly kiss from Peter.


Yours ever,

                                                                     Joan and Peter xxxxxxxx

P.S.  His Lordship will be down again in a minute.”

So onto our exciting competition.  How would you like to win a £200 Betty Blue’s Loungewear voucher to spend in our online boutique?  Inspired by the love letters of Betty’s Grandparents, we would like you to write a short poem, or love letter.  It’s a creative writing competition, so we want you to get creative.  Imagine trying to communicate your love and feelings for a loved one who is perhaps hundreds of miles away.  Extra points will go to handwritten notes as well as poems that rhyme (poems are so much better when they rhyme!).  Please nothing smutty, this competition is about romance!  So take a picture of your handwritten note or poem and post it to twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BBLLoveLetters, or simply just email us with your love letter.  As usual if you post to social media make sure you tag us and use the hashtag so we can see your entry!  Betty and our social media whizz kid Maxine will look over the entries and choose the most creative, romantic and/or sentimental letter.  If you have a backstory to your letter we would love to hear it too.  Perhaps you too have letters tucked away written by courting Grandparents?

So to sum up our competition:
1.  Write a short love letter or poem – extra points if it’s handwritten and/or it rhymes 😉
2.  Take a picture of the letter.
3.  Post it to Instagram/Twitter or even email it to us at
4.  Tag us @bbloungewear on Twitter or BettyBluesLoungewear on Instagram.
5.  Use the hashtag #BBLLoveLetters

You have until Sunday 7th February to enter, and the winner will be announced on Monday 8th February so we have time to post anything you may buy with your £200 voucher in time for Valentine’s Day.  Good luck!

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Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx