Yesssssss it is that time of year folks.  The time when loved up people get all cutsy and cuddly and PDA’s become a regular sight.  The smell of roses is in the air and love is all around us……………….YUK!!  I particularly hate this time of year because I have not received one single Valentines Day card or present.  It’s a crying shame I know :-(.  Not even from my beloved Frank (my doggie).  But as a small business owner, it would be silly not to promote my goodies for a fun filled Valentines night.

The Nell robe is perfect for such an occasion because a) it is red the Universal colour of Valentines Day and b) it is very alluring.  Everyone knows that when a man sees the colour red it automatically says to him “sex”.  The Nell robe has a sheer red lace panel around the midriff that carefully reveals a slight hint of the wonders beneath it.  You can go ‘showgirl’, like Miss Banbury Cross above, and wear nothing underneath; or wear a slip or cute lingerie set and stockings underneath so you can slowly peel off the layers.  Either way your man is going to thank you for wearing this: 

And gentlemen, want to know what women really want?  *HINT* it’s the Nell Robe!!  Your lady is sure to thank you………..twice……and once again in the morning ;-).

And finally for the single independent women out there, I feel you sister *snaps*.  We all deserve to feel loved on Valentines Day.  Why not throw a pyjama party for you and all your single lady friends, like the one that is suggested on this wonderful blog by Tattybojangles:

A great way to block out the lovey doveyness of Valentines Day and concentrate on loving number 1 – yourself!  Treating yourself to a present (who needs an excuse!) like this:

There is no reason why all ladies, single or with someone, shouldn’t have a great 14th February.  Remember to order sooner rather than later as Valentines Day is creeping up on us very quickly, and I would hate for you to be disappointed.  And don’t delay with the Nell Robe, I only have ONE left in Small so get to it post haste!  Also worth mentioning that snow is due in the UK and we clearly can’t expect our postmen to work in those conditions (note my sarcasm), so order extra early for the 14th so it hopefully arrives on time!!

Betty xxx

P.S.  Feel free to send me cards and presents for Valentines Day in sympathy for me never ever receiving one.  I wear the Jean Paul Gaultier au de Parfum ‘Classique’, have a penchant for cashmere sweaters in size XS or S, and would not say no to a pair of Louboutin Shoes size UK6 ;-).  E-mail me for my postal address 😉