Well you guys have been keeping me nice and busy this December with orders flying out of my office and stocks running low.  So sorry for the lack of blogging yet again!  But I have some good news – production is running EARLY on some new items……….so very very soon you will get to see some new products and pre order them.  Hoorah!!!!

But as for now, well Christmas Day is nearly upon us.  I love this time of year, mainly because of all the good food around, but also because it is a brilliant excuse to indulge in a cocktail or two (or three).  Christmas Day I get out the spirits, ice, garnishes and coctail menu and like to make aperatifs for each of my family.  One cocktail that has become a firm favourite of my sister and I is my “White Christmas”.  So I thought I would impart this little piece of Christmas wisdom to you all and show you how to make one 🙂 aren’t I kind!

That’s the cocktail shaker that I got in the
summer at the Cointreau event I went to
– so handy!

So you will need:

Single Cream
Cocktail Shaker


Put the ice into the cocktail shaker.  Add equal measures of Single Cream, Gin and Disaronno.  Shake your tail feather and pour into a glass.

It’s as simple as that!  For a garnish I added a grating of nutmeg on top mmmmm 

Equally you could sift drinking chocolate or cinnamon on top, or add a cocktail cherry on a stick, or both!!

So are you going to have a go?  Enjoy as an aperatif, on a cold winters eve to warm your cockles, or make a punch bolw of it that guests at your Xmas party can scoop into.  Do send me pictures of your sophisticated cocktail soiree’s if you do make one up.  Hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx