Well it certainly has been a little chillsome here in the UK the past month or so.  Winter is well and truly here, so a new winter warming product is definitely what we all need.  So without further ado, here is the latest addition to my super luxury lounge wear range.  This my friends is the Lucille Robe

Snuggly full length fluffy robe

Snuggly full length fluffy robe

Inspired by the Hollywood Starlet Lucille Ball the perfectly beautiful fluffy robe has now been created, and you have Betty Blue’s Loungerie to thank.  Want to know what it is like to wear fluffy clouds?  Buy this robe!  It is made from a super soft plush fabric in an elegant baby blue.  Fluffy robes needn’t be bulky, they can give you the most desirable curves if cut the right way – and this fluffy robe certainly is!  This full length robe has plenty of fabric to fold around you and ties at the waist.  There is shaping at the shoulders to help create a feminine silhouette in this long and voluminous delight.   It also has two super useful front pockets.  Heating bills needn’t be a problem this winter in this little delight.  It will keep you toasty warm whilst make you look and feel ravishingly glamorous.

Back view of Lucille Robe

Back view of Lucille Robe

So there you have it, the perfect winter robe.  With rising energy prices I’m sure you’ll agree this is a bargain at £175.  Now let’s just put this into a sensible purchase context; I’m sure your other half will be horrified at the price.  ‘Think about this rationally dear,’ you will say…….’if I wear this robe every day for the 6 months of wintery weather (or more if you are in the UK!), it only costs 96 pence a day!  Furthermore, if I wear this robe every winter for 5 years as I intend to do, that is only 19 pence a day!  So is it really all that extravagant my love?!’ [Insert dewy eyes here and they will implore you to buy it].  Furthermore the money you will save on your heating bills is ANOTHER reason to snap up this glorious robe.  It’s a no brainer really.  All this money saving, you will also be saving the environment by not using fossil fuels AND look fabulously glamorous whilst doing it!  Click here to view details and buy.

So make sure this robe is firmly on your Christmas list as it will make a great present.  Which reminds me to remind you about my Christmas postage cut off dates:

UK Delivery

Order on or before midday Friday 20th December 2013.

EU or International Delivery

Order on or before midday Friday 13th December 2013.

Now my lovelies if you don’t hear from me very often over December/January then I do apologise as it is going to be a hectic couple of months at Betty Blue’s HQ.  I am preparing myself for my first ever lingerie trade show in January so naturally I will be flapping around and leaving everything to the last minute, but trying to keep calm and carry on.  Either that or I have been swallowed by a big pile of fluffy robes in my stock room, in which case someone send help if you haven’t heard from me come March time! (Seriously need you all to buy them so I can claim my house back!)

Lots of Love
Betty xxx