Last Sunday I venture up to London to a “Wonderful Women” meeting at Eat, Shop, Do in the Kings Cross area.  I was very excited about this as I really miss working in London and I have wanted to go to a Wonderful Women meeting for a couple of months now, but never quite got there for one reason or another.

Wonderful Women is an all women, business support group set up by the lovely Ree Ree Rockette of Rockalily Makeup.  Ree Ree set up the group to help other like minded women that run their own businesses.  Often when one sets up a business it can be quite isolating.  People often tend to work alone at their home at first to help cut costs, so the group is as much about socialising as helping each other out in business endeavours.  Each member of Wonderful Women has a different specialist area, for example I met Sam of Wonderland Wig’s, Helen of New Empress Magazine, Rosie, who makes wedding dresses and costumes and Tigz Rice who photographs Burlesque performers – to name but a few!  Each member having different skills, I feel really adds to the group as we can all give each other advice that maybe we ourselves might not have thought of – plus I now have a friend who can be my photographer and another that can sew up samples for me if needs be!

The meeting was in a gorgeous location, and I was very excited to be there.  Eat, Shop, Do is in the Kings Cross area of London and you really can eat, shop and do things there.  As you go in there are a selection of vintage tea cups, tea pots and all sorts that you can buy.  There is also an old fashioned type sweetie shop which I was very tempted by but managed to avoid.  It then steps up into the cafe area where you can ‘do’ things; I think they do all sorts of crafty courses and there were lots of paper aeroplanes hanging up so maybe they had a course in that?!?!  The cafe sold lots of yummy cakes and cocktails as well as the usual tea and coffee.  I thought I had better start with a cup of tea as I hadn’t yet had lunch but later moved onto a ‘Ruby Shoes’ cocktail that was SOOOO yummy but totally went to my head.

So the meeting commenced and I met lots of lovely people as I have previously touched upon.  We all introduced ourselves,  I was one of three new members, and then began setting ourselves 5 year, 3 year, 1 year and 6 month goals.  Now I hadn’t really thought about this before!  I have just been focusing on my launch this September at the Goodwood Revival, so it was nice to actually think – what do I want for Betty Blue’s in the future?!  So here they are, the long term and slightly shorter term goals that I hope to achieve:

5 Year: Be in a financial position to try and crack the US market, having my own retail stall at the Viva Las Vagas Event.

3 Year:  Be in a position that I am breaking even on a financial level and may be able to treat myself to a pair of Christian Louboutins!!  Be comfortably established in the UK scene and start to spread internationally in Europe and hopefully further.

1 Year:  Have established myself in the UK Vintage/Retro Scene, where I am starting to be recognised as a brand to go to for all lounge wear needs.  Start to wholesale my garments in prestigious UK stores.

6 Month: Have my launch in September where I can hopefully explode onto the Uk Vintage/Retro scene, and create repeat custom by continuing to bring out new products regularly.

All the goals were done through a Live Twitter Feed for the Wonderful Women group……..this is where I got lost and resorted to good old fashioned pen and paper!  So my other short term goal is to learn how to use Twitter!!  Something which Ree Ree has agreed to show me as she is somewhat of an expert in Twitter J
So there you have it, my new goals!  I hope you are there to follow me in my goals and I hope to meet them, I certainly have the oomph to follow them through.  If you want more information on Ree Ree Rockette, Rockalily Make up and Wonderful Women, why not take a look at Ree Ree’s blog –

I hope to bring you more exciting news about Betty Blue’s first outfit very soon……..

Betty xxx