If you’re like me then the mention of Christmas will fill your heart with joy.  If not, then I apologise but I have to mention Xmas this early.  It is indeed that time of year again where I have to remind you all about Christmas postage, because I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a Betty Blue’s Loungerie item on Christmas morning!

If you wish to purchase a Crystallized Black Nell Robe to give to your beau on Xmas day, you must order it ON OR BEFORE 1ST DECEMBER 2012.  These robes are hand crystalled by myself and they take me an absolute age to do as I want them to be extra special and perfect.  If you order after 1st December, there is NO guarantee that I will be able to deliver before Christmas.  Unless you want to pay me extra which of course then I will consider ;).

The Marilyn Rain Bonnet is also a custom made item, therefore the same rules apply.  Unless you want to pay me extra, you must order ON OR BEFORE 1ST DECEMBER 2012 to receive this cute little take on a rain bonnet in time for Christmas.

All other items qualify for the dates below:

UK Customers:  Thursday 20th December 2012
EU + International Customers:  Thursday 13th December 2012

I hope this makes it really clear for everyone so you avoid disappointment on Christmas Day.  Make sure to let your partners know if they are buying a BBL item for you ;).  As usual select your gorgeous Betty Blue’s Loungerie item at www.bettybluesloungerie.com you won’t regret it!

Lots of Love
Betty xxx

P.S. You know that little letter I pop in with your order of any of the versions of The Nell Robe?  The one warning you about ironing/pressing the lace panels?  Well this is why:

BIG sad face!!!  I burnt a huuuuuge hole in someones Crystallized Black Nell Robe :(.  I had to unpick the section effected, cut out some panels with my fingers crossed that I had enough material left over from production to match the lace pattern, then re-sew the back panels and re-crystal the effected panels……………….so this is why I say DO NOT IRON THE LACE.  It hurts when you do!