Well I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged!  Very slack of me!  I have been head down designing and sourcing fabrics, trims and lovely things to make into gorgeous loungerie for you.  In a rare day off last Monday I attended the Rockalily Lipstick Bloggers Event, hosted by the fabulous Ree Ree Rockette.  (I say I had the day off but really I was working!)

Called ZOMG Bloggers Bash, it was the launch of a brand new shade of Rockalily lippy, ZOMG, in collaboration with the beauty blogger The London Lipgloss.  Ree Ree also runs #wwmoob which I have mentioned before on my blog I am a part of.  Us moobs (as I like to call us teehee) were invited along to help add interesting and fun things for the bloggers to do.  So I packed up my sample garments in a HUGE case and my mobile clothing rail and trekked it up to the venue.

I was a little rubbish and forgot my camera, and only remembered to use the camera on my phone once I’d had a few bevvies.  So I have limited usable pictures, but here is a little picture of the fabulous host doing her thang.

And my slightly tipsily taken photographs of some of the fabulous moobs.

@RuffMutts, @Littlemissbhats and a slightly bemused @TigzRiceStudios

Luckily Ellen, of Little Miss B Hats, was on hand with her camera and took some slightly better and less tipsy photographs, capturing the fun atmosphere and some of the activities on offer.

A nice shot of all of my wares – which I totally ruined by poking my head into the photo haha

Some lovely bloggers trying on wigs as well as the Nell Robe and Bridgette Babydoll

 Special shout out goes to the lady in the Bridgette Babydoll, no one else was brave enough to pop on (wimps!).

A selection of the wonderful creations from Little Miss B Hats

As well as my loungerie and Ellen’s hats and fascinaters, there were also wigs to try on from Wonderland Wigs, and the multi talented Kelly of Heyday Honey was on hand to fix people’s hair and make-up in a pin up style.  To top all this off Tigzy of Tigz Rice Studios had her pop up studio set up to capture everyone in their pin up glory!  Her blog and the photos from the night can be seen here.  Ellen and I challenged ourselves to get someone to wear one of my outfits, one of her hats and a wig all at the same time but we failed!  But as you can see from Tigz’s pictures there were some that had a combo of my outfit and Ellen’s hat or a wig and my outfit.  Maybe all three would have been too OTT ;-).  Anyway other notable moobs that were there are Pip Jolley (jewellery designer) who was on door duty with Alexis of Ruff Mutts.  I managed to bully Alexis into having her photo taken in the Nell Robe.

The Nell robe looks a little loose as someone was wearing the one that was Alexis’ size.  Alexis is cool because she likes doggies and has made it her business!

I have Kelly to thanks for brushing out my curls for me, the girl is a genius with hair and make up!  Tigz gave us both tips and hints on how to pose properly and she also took the below picture of me which I have to say is the best photo anyone has ever taken of me.  Thanks Tigz!!!  You rock!!

I am wearing a pretty little fascinater by Little Miss B Hats (and ridiculously high heels!)

Other moob members on hand to help out with the evening and there just for general moral support for the lovely Ree Ree were the girls from The Historical Sauces, Helen of Empress Magazine, Rubyyy Jones the very entertaining Burlesquer……ermmm sorry if I missed anyone!

As well as us moob girlies (aren’t we all a versatile and talented bunch!) there were some non moobs doing crafty bits and bobs.  I had a go at decorating a cake with the ladies at Temptation’s Creations.  I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t the best of the night teehee.

I was going more for taste rather than looks

There was also a table of card making which I didn’t manage to frequent as I was busy helping people in and out of the Nell Robe – she was very popular.

All in all it was a great night that ended with two Burlesque performances and bloggers bingo in which I gave away a pink Marilyn Headscarf.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the launch of the new Rockalily Lipstick was a great success – a sign of just a smidgen of the success that Rockalily is sure to have in the next few years.  Thanks Ree Ree for having me!

Betty xxx