Well there you go, we’ve gone and said it now, the ‘C’ word.  We have been trying to contain our excitement in the office lately at Christmas, but have been failing miserably.  I am afraid that the Bing Christmas CD was well and truly ‘ON’ since 1st November.  So being 24th November we think it’s pretty impressive we have shied away from promotions so far.  But with only a few weeks left till the big day, we are starting things with not promoting ourselves (although our loungewear and nightwear make EXCELLENT presents!) but instead taking a look at some of the most exciting advent calendars out there in the countdown to Christmas.

Luxury Advent Calendars

As a luxury loungewear, nightwear and accessory company we must of course start with the most luxurious of advent calendars.  After all it is the best time of year to pamper oneself.


Jo Malone Advent Calendar – £260