Hello lovely readers, Betty here.  I am off on my Holiday’s from Saturday 6th May to Sunday 14th May, so there will be a short delay in orders this week.  You can still order your goods, but items will not be shipped until Monday 15th May 2017.  If you need to contact me urgently about an order placed, I will still have (limited) access to my emails so do go ahead and email me betty@bettybluesloungewear.com and I will do my best to get back to you…………..but please only emergencies as I need a holiday!

As I am off on holiday, I thought I would share with you my favourite items to go on holiday with.  Sure to be useful for packing shoes, underwear and of course loungewear/nightwear, I can’t recommend enough our lingerie bags.  They keep everything neat in your suitcase, and can double up as dirty laundry bags for easy sorting when you get home.  You can buy one HERE for just £20.  Here is a pic of my suitcase to show you how much I love them!


Another absolute essential is a sleep mask.  Since getting a sleep mask in a gift set a couple of Christmas’ ago, I have barely gone a night without wearing one (apart from if I forget to bring one on my travels!).  Travelling a lot for work can mean that you can never be sure that where you are staying has suitably light blocking curtains, and they are a God send on a plane or train when trying to catch some much needed zzzzzz’s.  My current favourite is the silk lined version of our Peach Fleece Bettie Sleep Mask, for £25.  While the nights are a still a little chilly I LOVE the pretty floral fleece and silk is SO luxurious next to the skin……..also did you know that many women advocate sleeping with silk pillows to avoid wrinkles – apparently Nigella Lawson uses them – so our silk lined masks are the next best thing! (And not to mention cheaper than a silk pillow slip.  You can get yours HERE.


The last must have item on my Holibobs is a turban.  They are so so useful for coastal Holidays.  I am off to Cornwall, UK, and in May the weather can still be unpredictable.  The turbans we have can hide pin curls, bad hair days and just generally keep those stay hairs in place whilst you are out and about on the beach.  It stops you getting your hair in your ice cream!  I will be taking my classic black so that I can dress it up in the evening with a sparkly brooch, or dress it down in the day time for mooching about the sand dunes.  Get yours HERE just £30!