Hello all! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Last week we got to peek into the weird and wonderful mind of the one and only Hana Laurie, photographer extroadinaire. And this week we are sharing with you what she looks like! Yes Betty took some sneaky BTS snaps as Hana was working her magic. With some of the silly shots that didn’t make the cut thrown in for good measure.

The location was Betty’s brand new pink as can be bedroom, as some of you may remember she moved house and studio back in the summer. Whilst it was freshly painted and looking neat and tidy it was a perfect opportunity to get some snaps of new items, especially as she has a rather beautiful 1930’s Art Deco suite of Walnut bedroom furniture.  Click on the thumbnails below to see larger pictures.

So that’s what Hana looks like!  She has gorgeous mermaid hair and is a little “off brand” with her love of onesies and slouchy jumpers – but each to their own!  We hope one day to convert her to silk robes and come hither eyes, but love her just the way she is none the less.  After a long day shooting we treated ourselves to a glass of vino and pizza at a local Italian restaurant.

We hope you like the little insight into the faces behind the Autumn/Winter 2016 shoot.  If anything catches your eye from these snaps, just head to our online boutique by clicking HERE.

Lots of Love
Betty and Hana xxx