The beautifully brainy Hedy Lamarr

The beautifully brainy Hedy Lamarr

Good evening all, and Happy International Women’s Day #IWD.  A day to celebrate how awesome women are (and aren’t we just!) and perhaps highlight the issues that we still face worldwide as the fairer sex.  As we are celebrating women, how about a big huzzah to one of the most inspirational women we know – Hedy Lamarr.  Not only was Ms Lamarr considered a great actress and great beauty, she also had the most wonderful brain.  Truly an inspiration and someone us gals could learn a thing or two from.

Want to know a thing or two more about the beautifully brainy Hedy?  Well we covet the book ‘Hedy’s Folly: the Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Women in the World.’  If that doesn’t inspire you for #IWD then we don’t know what will!

Anyway onto the exciting business of Competition winners.  At the Something Blue Wedding Fayre, that we attended a couple of Sundays ago, we held a competition for all of the lovely brides-to-be.  They had the chance to win a (very) mini bottle of prosecco, French lace garter, and matching silk eyemask/blindfold – for the more kinky of you.  Our winner was picked out of a hat, and they are………

……Natalie Bettinson

Betty Bridal Competition Winner

Congratulations Natalie, we have emailed you!  Send us your address and we will post your fab prize off to you for you to enjoy.  We hope all the brides that visited us had a wonderful time at the Fayre and have a wonderful wedding whenever it is.

So to finish tonight’s post, which fabulous woman inspires you?  Tweet us, Facebook us and comment below!

Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx