Burlesque Chic
Exciting news!  We have a brand new Australian stockist!  So we thought we would introduce you to them now that they have officially launched their brand new website.  Meet Chani and Gemma, sisters and owners at Burlesque Chic.  We sat down to interview them to try and get a better picture of who they are and what they are trying to achieve.

Channi on the left and Gemma on the right

Channi on the left and Gemma on the right

1.   What is your name and what is the name of your website?

Chani and Gemma Fletcher, two sisters with a passion for lingerie. We run Burlesque Chic, an online business dedicated to bringing the world the best in glamorous, gorgeous lingerie.

2.  Where are you based?

We’re based in Brisbane, Australia but you can find us at: www.burlesquechic.com.au

3.  How long have you been running Burlesque Chic?

Burlesque Chic is re-launching on 15 January 2015

4.  What made you want to go into the lingerie industry?

To us, there’s a difference between lingerie and underwear. In Australia, there’s lots of great underwear. However, if you are looking for lingerie –  something special, something beautiful  or even something a little different – there are a real lack of accessible options. 

There are so many designers creating beautiful, fresh, exciting lingerie designs that are not only boudoir-worthy but raise lingerie-wearing into a glamorous event. We created Burlesque Chic so women in Australia (and all over) could easily access that and see the great, wide, gorgeous world of lingerie out there!

5.  What is the ethos/concept behind Burlesque Chic?

For us, beautiful lingerie is not just a luxury, it’s an everyday luxurious necessity! What’s life without a little glamour, a little sparkle? The swish of silk, the smoothness of satin, a little flirty lace… the Hollywood stars of old were on to something. 

Beautiful lingerie is transformative – it caresses, it enhances and can boost your confidence in a really amazing way. Burlesque is an art form long associated with glamour and confidence; with designs that emphasise and make the most of a woman’s curves. The lingerie we bring to customers has that essence of burlesque and glamour about it. Great lingerie should celebrate how amazing and beautiful the wearer already is – that’s what we’re all about.

Nell Robe, ivory silk bridal robe

Available at Burlesque Chic!

6.  Who is a Burlesque Chic customer? Ie who are you specifically targeting?

Gorgeous lingerie is everyone’s right, so our doors are open to all! Burlesque Chic caters for any person who wants to feel glamorous and wants to be a little more boudoir than bedroom.  We aim to stock a variety of size options to cater for as many sizes as possible and we make a special effort to include DD+ sizing as well.

7.  Which other brands do you stock?

As well as Betty Blue’s Loungerie (which we adore!), we currently stock Playful Promises, Pompadour Couture Lingerie and Tutti Rouge, all UK designers. Playful Promises is a brand that we’ve loved for a long time and perfectly marries vintage style with a fresh, modern aesthetic. Tutti Rouge, which specialises in D-J sizing, is flirty, fun and gorgeous and Pompadour produces exquisite handmade bridal garters and lingerie in silk and lace that we’re just in love with. We also stock Stern Tights from Israel. Stern Tights is the brainchild of Gal Stern, a textile designer, and all of her designs (many of which are drawn by Gal herself) feature striking  prints that are designed to accentuate the natural curve of the leg to lengthen and flatter your pins. We think that’s amazing.

8.  What makes Burlesque Chic different from other lingerie boutiques? (your USP)

We supply a selection of brands that you cannot find elsewhere in Australia. We’ve carefully selected the brands and products we sell so we can provide a unique range that caters for different tastes and sizes, all with that glamorous, burlesque-inspired feel that is totally different to what’s widely available in Australia. We wanted to sell online because Australia is a big, wide place and lingerie boutiques are hard to find outside a capital city. We think women in the bush want to be glamorous too, so we’ve given them access to looks and styles previously not available, all shipped straight to your door.

9.  What is your ‘go to’ lingerie or lounge wear item that you covet and just can’t live without?

Chani: I love the thought of a boudoir, so for me it’s a beautiful pair of French knickers and a silky wrap that I can lounge around on the couch and look utterly fabulous in.

Gemma:  Can’t do without a satin corset and suspenders!

10.  For anyone just discovering the lingerie industry, which pieces or brands would you recommend that never fail to deliver, but can add a bit of style to one’s wardrobe?

Every woman needs at least one set of good-quality black lingerie: silk, satin or lace, we don’t mind but get thee to a store if you don’t already have one! It’s the LBD of the lingerie world: timeless, elegant and sexy. We have a great example of this in our store with the Lily set from Playful Promises.

Elizabeth Taylor in a glam slip from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Elizabeth Taylor in a glam slip from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

11.  Who is your all time fashion style icon past or present?

Chani: For me, it’s Jane Russell, especially as Dorothy Shaw in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Her confidence, bravado and sultry curves makes her my ultimate icon.

Gemma:  My style icon is Elizabeth Taylor.  Watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Giant and then try to tell me she is not amazing.

12.  Do you have any upcoming in store events or special offers that we should know about?

We will be re-launching on 15 January 2015 and we cannot wait to open our doors and show off all the new, gorgeous things we have!

13.  Where do you see Burlesque Chic in 5 years’ time?

Running the world in our corsets and heels!

14.  Finally give us all your website and social media links so we can all find you!

Website: www.burlesquechic.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/burlesquechic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/burlesque_chic

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/burlesque_chic

Facebook and Twitter are great to keep up-to-date with our new stock and specials. On Pinterest we run boards that provide inspiration to develop your own boudoir-worthy lingerie set, everything from new trends in lingerie to bridal lingerie inspiration.

Burlesque Chic have a selection of Betty Blue’s Loungerie and Betty Bridal items on their website.  So if you are based in Australia or New Zealand get on over to their website and show these two fab ladies some love!

Lots of Love
Betty and Team Blue’s xxx