With the Holiday season comes the dreaded ‘Party Season’.  Why dreaded?  Well it can leave us all a little frazzled and frayed around the edges.  Well fear not dear people, we have put together a guide of must have items to get you through the Holiday’s.  These items will soothe all your worries away and keep you looking and feeling amazing, so much so that people will want to know your secrets.  So sit back and drink in our top products to get you through the festive season.

Holiday Survival Guide


  1. Relax and revitalise in a nice hot bath with this bath oil from Green and Spring. We have chosen the ‘Repair and Restore’ which blends the scent of bergamot, lemon myrtle and orange with the restorative properties of lavender and camomile.  Perfect for easing your weary muscles from those festive parties and leaving you restored to party again!  Buy from their website greenandspring.com for just £30 for 100ml.  AND they are handmade in the British Isles so the ethical choice to boot!
  2. Nothing is more relaxing than a nice scented candle. And here at Blue’s HQ we LOVE the range of candles from Fornasetti.  Beautiful to look at, they feature art work from the Italian artist Piero Fornasetti.  We like this ‘Burlesque’ scented candle with woody, Oriental and leathery notes.  It features two artworks, the above as well as the ‘Tema e Variazoini’ (Face with Mask).  There are other scents with various artworks and they are £99 each.  They can be purchased online at selfridges.com.
  3. With the various cocktail and works parties, your skin may be in need of some TLC. We recently discovered a range of wonderful skin products from the Spanish company Apivita.  Why not add a glow back to your skin with the ‘Radiance Face Mask’ with Pomegranate.  It not only rejuvenates and moisturises, but also protects the skin from environmental assaults and premature aging.  Also treat your tired eyes to a soothing mask of ginseng, cucumber and chamomile to gently exfoliate and moisturise your delicate eye area, and reduce those bags and dark circles.  They are available at Marks and Spencer.
  4. One of our top beauty products is the Kiehl’s ‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’. After prepping your skin with various face masks, why not add a double whammy of goodness to your skin and pop on a few drops of this magic potion.  Used just before you go to bed, you will wake up with soft and radiant skin ready to take on the world, and a fresh round of Christmas drinks.  30ml costs £36 and can be bought from www.liberty.co.uk.
  5. You know what, sometimes you just need a bit of chocolate to make you feel human again. It may not detoxify you or make your skin look all glowy and youthful again, but you can’t deny those endorphins released won’t make you feel fab.  Just look at this AMAZING ‘Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure’, I mean the name alone caught our attention.  It’s from Hotel Chocolat and is just heavenly.  Certain to restore you…………..well maybe after the sugar coma wears off, it is £35 and luckily for you can be bought online so you don’t even need to move from your sofa.
  6. Lastly we covet this ‘Matcha Green Tea’ from Teapigs. It is packed with goodness that is sure to cleanse all that alcohol away and both energises and calms you.  Make a cup of this first thing in the morning to wake you up, or take at the end of a long work day before those Christmas drinks, to make you feel as fresh as a daisy.  You can get it online at ocado.com and a box which makes 30 cups, costs £25.

Of course whilst you are relaxing and topping up your energy levels for the next round of social engagements this Christmas, it is important to do so in style and glamour.  So make sure you do it in Betty Blue’s Loungerie!

Lots of Love
Betty and all at Blue’s HQ xxx

P.S. Make sure that you know our Christmas Delivery Dates, so you don’t miss out this Christmas!